Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Glenmorangie's SOUNDFORM Fluid Showcase and Afterparty @ Vertigo, The Gardens

The pursuit of perfection can be a trifle inconvenient when one goes to unnecessary lengths for the sake of true distinction. Resonating perfection as such is the SOUNDFORM Fluid – a stunning, sculptural bar that brings to life the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ philosophy advocated by Glenmorangie.


Tagged along the loves one, Kelly with me to enjoy the undeniably sophisticated glass of single malt.


Officially unveiled days ago at The Gardens in Mid Valley, the SOUNDFORM Fluid bar was designed by renowned architect and interior designer Philip Michael Wolfson for Glenmorangie, and it was inspired by the sonograph reading of the sound of Glenmorangie whisky being poured into a crystal glass.


Statuesquely taking the centre stage at the North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, the SOUNDFORM Fluid is an evocative sight. Its bold jagged edges are covered in a black aluminium finish on the exterior, while the golden orange interior, which mimics the colour of Glenmorangie, is lit up to create an aesthetic, visual counter balance. Complementing the stunning display was commentary by Glenmorangie Malaysia’s Brand Manager, Michael Tan, who explained the concept that sparked the creation of the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ SOUNDFORM Fluid bar.


“The SOUNDFORM Fluid is an awe-inspiring representation of the brand’s philosophy on ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’. It is a creative showcase and extension of the philosophy behind Glenmorangie’s deliciously complex single malt whisky brought into being.”

On working with Philip Michael Wolfson:

“Philip Michael Wolfson has always brought on a tremendous complexity to his work that pushes the boundaries of design. His design philosophy exactly mirrors our philosophy with the birthing of a standout custom made bar showpiece created through the distillation of the sound of a pour of Glenmorangie. From the outset, while the bar may look like a twisted form of metal; but it is truly the meticulous attention to detail and the spirit of innovation that has went into the formulation of the final showpiece that serves as a perfect tribute to the whiskey that birthed it,” Tan added.


Glenmorangie single malt whisky obtains its multi-layered aromas and kaleidoscopic flavours through maturation in fine oak casks, obtained from the Ozark Mountains. While there are many perfectly good single malt whiskies matured in casks that are re-used up to eight times, Glenmorangie goes the extra mile for that added elegance in its whisky by only ever using their casks twice. At its Tain distillery in the Scottish Highlands, Glenmorangie employs the tallest whisky stills in Scotland, ensuring only the purest vapours are used in the spirit.


With Bok, Emeryn and Kelly at the tasting session for three different taste of Glenmorangie.
I personally lovin' the original and of course, Astar. Goes so well with water and 2 cubes of ice.


After the showcase, the crowd adjourned to Vertigo for the after-party featuring US DJ duo Manufactured superstars, who supplied a steady flow of house, dance and electro pop into the night.



Nice seeing Emeryn after months, we shall party more, bunny!


Priceless moment from the unstoppable pictures session during the night for everyone of us, I wonder did all of us actually remember all the pictures we took? :P






The showcase saw the crowd and single malt aficionados enjoy a night of appreciation as everyone savoured the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’.


Photos credited to @runningandrew and Glenmorangie Malaysia. 


  1. Being here for the first time His design philosophy exactly mirrors our philosophy couldn't be found anywhere else 嘉妹

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I'm sure everyone enjoy the drinks!