Thursday, January 28, 2010

CNY is so SOON! ;)

Yellow people! ;)

What do u usually do in class?being a cool student taking notes and pay much attention to the lecturer?
Hmmmm. What if the lecturer is doing nothing or probably he/she busy with something on hand and we are having tooooo much free time?



Need not to tell me i look plumpy here! I knew it! [-(

Dragged da boi with me of course!

Trying to look skinny a lit?? TOTALLY FAILED.

By the way, Chinese New Year coming in 17 days, exactly on da lovely V-day!! Do u feel the great ambiance around already? Well, the shopping mall at least.

But we seems can't have fun as much as we used to enjoyed back in childhood. Or maybe i'm the only one who felt this way. Yet i really miss the time running around with the relatives though. :O)

But what u wouldn't miss out during the celebration?!
Holiday with soft drinks, home made cookies, spring rolls, snacks, etc and most important one,mom's super yummiie home cook! =P~

And of course the big red packet > ANG PAU !! :D

Can't wait any longer!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Da blogger r so in the mood to bloooooog!

You know i really love the bed time-talking session every night, because i always managed to explore something new or some surprising truths!! Though we gotta accept that fairy tales doesn't play the role all the time, needa admit that heart sucking moment does happen!!

But it's definitely heart-melting when get to know something that i always thought it will happen in movie or dreamland only are falling on me.

Don't worry i'm not gonna tell the grandpa/grandma long story. But i really really wanna express how much i feeeeeeeeeeeel now! Butterflies all over me! Like something which can keep me jump and shout around like a crazeeE women for hours! :>

U feel me now?! Yes then great!! No? Nevermind! YEA! Blame the butterflyz maker!!!

* * *

Mr.Anonymous, who commented on my blog post some time ago,

Thank God for make his "wish" came true and brought him to me, made us friend and what we are today,
thank U for hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend...for filling my life with joy and laughter and loving me without an end... :">


Good night peoples!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

First vacation on 2010 with loves!

There go the first vacation on the first weekend of new tiger year with family ! :x

Genting Highland, a place where most of u familiar with or probably to a point where feel bored with it already. But, location doesn't really matter as long as you are with the loves one right?

Ma geekiie boi :)

Dawdling around most of the time since i'm still not legalize to enter casino, I'M YOUNG babeeeeh!!!

Zoe da sweet seventeen, didn't see her for month only i felt that she changed a lot.
Was it just an illusion or human grow up too fast? ~X(

And of course, my lit princess charming were there too! :D

Believe it or not? This is my first time entering Ripley's eventhough it was there since so long ago!

With a lot of pictures and story board, nothing much special though.

Chinese tell time by the eyes from a cat. Is that for real? Tell me!!

Present you ma cutie dutch girl!

Michelle da modern mummy & Zoe.

Leave after lunch time and dropped by Chin Swee Temple for a while requested by the folks.

Young boy, trust me you are still too early for this!

Maybe just mi being too outdated that i don't know kids these days started to own a cellphone at da age at 3?

Last but not least, a shoot with all the Mr&Mrs&Ms Chok ! >:D<

See ya Genting! :-h

Now, whats next ? ;;)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to the brand new withLouise ♥


Everyone is setting their new year resolutions and hoping that this year gonna be better than the previous one. I think i don't have any in mind, besides... throw a few thousand grams of fats away perhaps? Yes!! I know, same thing for every year but can never fulfill even just a single bit. :D :P

Decided to give the blog a brand new look yet kinda messed it up by deleted a few elements of page,the link list, the pics, even the blog header. =((
**Please comment or mail me to leave ur blog url for relink alright? =)

Browsing through the blog template available on web, instead of killing myself slowly with editing the CSS, i rather get the downloaded one, nice and easy! Life is all about simple no? Especially for lazy person like mii :D

Many of you been asking me why is E missing from withlouis.blogspot
God knows why !! I have no idea what's wrong with me at that time :D U know! the lit brain sometime doesn't function well, or at all time? ~X(

This time, louis with an E! never missed it again ;;)

Are u ready to start the new journey with me readers ?


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010 everyone!

Oppps!! It's the third day of two-thousand-ten! I know i'm a lie late but,

Happy New Year!!

To the one who hated 2009 so much, leave everything with the past and work out ur best to make up this year!
To the one who loved 2009 so much, u gonna keep rockin ait!


To the one who born on the same year with me, sadly to say, we are no longer "teen"ager anymore! lol.