Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Benefit of being unemployed.


It's been a while since my last update. Sorry, I've been busy.
I quit my job for almost a month. Well, the advantage of being unemployed is more party, catch up with friends, try hard to read up all the books I bought from book fair, travel around, hoping to find peace (ok, nonsense) or a piece of myself around.

Yes, I'm fulfilling my wishes one by one as I promised at the beginning of the year.


See the world.

Just a quick one of what I've been doing. 
I kicked off my unemployment days with  Sepang Gold Coast, Cambodia, Janda Baik and I'm now considering if I should get my diving license done as well.

I'm staying in tonight and since I have nothing better to do, I decided to share some pictures.
They are totally random, but .... I love it.

#Sunset at Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang. 


# Food around.


Ten days in Cambodia. You must be thinking that I'm crazy, or questioning what possibly could I do? In fact I didn't do much. Everyday, I walked into random streets, cycled through the city, met new faces or better, picked a good spot for drinks and relaxation.

# One of my fav spot in Siem Reap, a small but cosy cafe to spend my afternoon with a good cuppa tea.


# A day in Angkor Wat to explore the gorgeous temples from 9th century. 
Although we were toasted from the merciless 40 Celsius degree, I gotta admit, they are drop dead beautiful. 


# A very interesting glowing pub in Pub Street


# A great getaway from KL city, Janda Baik. 


# Spending more time with my boys.


So yep, don't worry, I'm still in one piece!


Perks of being unemployed? Find out yourself when you decided to fire your boss.
The goal to achieve? Empty your saving.

Post in details will be up next when I'm motivated.

Till then,
xx LouiseXin