Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The little green mens!

Seems like everyone is into Toy Story 3 heat already!

Are you one of them?

I'm lovin it so much! Watched ToyStory 2 when i was what, 9 years old? /XD
Definitely a big fan of it since it is one of my best collection during the childhood!

2 stories tall bed in the house!


Storyboard of the movie :)


I personally think the Toy Aliens aka Little Green Mens in one of the cutest and most adorable toy in the movie!
*gaaaaa this is hard, all of them are mad cute! *


So many of them! *madness*


Just look at how many different faces they made them into! I can barely hold my hand back from breaking the glasses and bring it home !








They even have the Lego little green man!



Ok, this is my most favorite one after all. I don't know why maybe obsessed with the mouth widely opened? I think the laugh is what attracted me :P


There were more of them but the stupid ugly old security guard was chasing us off cause the mall is closing! $*&(#!&*(@(#$()$)(#@&!


I think is time for me to hit the cinema for the movie now! YES, i haven't watch it yet! :P


xo loves,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello mate!

The best mate came back from Brunei for a visit after a year since he left KL.
So the diploma gang had a gathering at Pavilion first then Sunway Pyramid on the next day.

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Met up Josephine too! This sexy chick is gonna give everyone a heart attack by telling/inviting her to her wedding dinner on September!

Sorry fellas, for losing another chance!

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The worst bunch i had in life! :D
They are capable to ruined ur beautiful life, look how much damage they caused to me! Yet life is dreary without their presence!

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So the next round is gonna be the wedding dinner on September i suppose? :)

xo loves,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where was i?

Was there, been there, smelled there, stepped on, passed by.


Disappeared for two weeks and i'm back!

Will blog more about it soon! Stay tuned ;)

xo loves,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

.Tears of J-O-Y.

Yesterday, we were holding the glasses and cheering for each other for the single ladies night.
The long ago yet memorable yesterday .

It was the most indelible day for you,
The day u officially step into another level in life.


we toss for your most significant day,
we toss for your bliss.


Missing in action in your morning ceremony is my bad but for sure,
but dinner?


Tagged along my butterflyz to share the love spreading in the air of course!



I wish,
you would wake up with smile every tomorrow.


Congratulation honey,

u had found the one, to fill the spaces in between your fingers!

xo loves,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

.story of mii & mii stomach.

TWO weeks of TWO months holiday been treating me so well that I'm starting to worry on HOW to fit myself into the clothes!! :-/
And that is of course because of my always greedy mouth and never full stomach!

Ikea Swedish meatballs - everyone's love! :>

Went to a chinese restaurant in town which served local China taste which i couldn't name them at all but absolutely delicious!

Butterflyz obsession - dumplings! Finished 20 of the juicy little thing at one time will never be a problem!

Then we have Vincent's treat for shabu shabu in Puchong :)

Its been some time since i last had this.. :D

Then we had Kaye's wedding party(which i don't have pictures), dinner, gathering with the diploma bunch of idiots, my days back in Port Dickson for mom's yummy home cook..etc so much that i couldn't name it all!

Tell me, how can i possibly not worry now?

Speaking of foods... I'm feeling for a muffin along w a cuppa hot coffee!!

Anyone? ;)

xo loves,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk KL, 30th May

Attended Hennessy Artistry at Zouk days ago, thanks Helen for giving out the invitations for blogger :)

I was supa late! Was at the bestie's house for her bachelors party, which i'm gonna blog about it after this one. ;)

Partners of the night, ma butterflyz boi & Hitomi

Trying to camwhore at the mirror but FAILED badly! /XD

Met the long time no see face, David! The most friendly and helpful person in Zouk!

The mixing zone for the guests :)
Apple, Ginger, Citrus, Berry. Anyway you like it to be!

The on going performance by the artists on the stage

Bumped into more familiar faces.
Jeannie & mii

The girls...



Free flow Hennessy of the night, which got me so drunk :P

You have no idea how hard to ask this fella to get into PHOTO!
Blame stupid uncle Josh!

Went upstairs Barsonic to meet the bloggers.
Esther & I, after sooooooooooo long!

Josh Lim

Candid shoot of Hitomi and Josh. *oh pls don't kill me for this*

I think i shall end the post with this :P


xo loves,