Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bali Part I: Dinner in Jimbaran Bay

I celebrated my birthday with the beloved ones by visiting Bali back in February.
A total of 10days trip there. Yes, it might sounds crazy to you for staying more than a week there but I'm telling you, you're so wrong! I wish I could stay a little longer.


Visited spots where the not many of the tourists would do, explored seaside and beaches that you hafta travel thru roads that no one ever been (ok, a little too exaggerate). And of course makan at the recommended spots on the Internet (afterall I'm still a tourist).

Thanks to my dearest loves, we had a scrumptious dinner on the first night I landed on Bali in Lia Cafe, Jimbaran Bay. Everyone travelling to Bali has to dine on this stretch of beach that full of seafood restaurants. :)


Ikan Bakar, heavenly delicious for a hunger kids like me.


Grilled Squid.




And my ultimate love at all time.


Very simple but delicate dinner by the beach. Unfortunately we missed out the sunset view and yes it is true, the seafood on this particular spot are over-priced compare to others. Make sure you know the price before making your selection to avoid splurging from your wallet. ;)

I had the best accommodation in the love's. Oh boy, I miss the crazy weather and heat.


The feeling of leaving on a jet plane, again.

xo loves,


  1. lol. pretty lady! Love the last pic! epic and cheeky one!;D