Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bali Tour and Things To Do.

Unlike well organized and wary tourist, who plan good itinerary and efficiently utilize every minutes during their vacation; we just bought the ticket and went without a clue to Bali. You can tell if you read my NYE wonders.
So my advice, take one hour or two to do some research and plan ahead a to-do-list before you go on a vacation, instead of trying your luck at I've learnt my lesson well. :P :D

If you're not one of them who prefer to stick to the beach for your entire trip and able to wake up early, one of the must-do for tourist, choose a day tour that takes you to experience the traditional inheritance and beautiful sight seeing tour around. Price ranging from RM 100 and above depends on the activities you choose.

The Barong & Kris Dance 

See the Barong Kris dance. A traditional play represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirits. Barong, the good and Rangda the bad. Look how cute and fluffy they are! No offence but I think they're really really cute.



Then again, I love how they manage to keep the traditions so well. Every single details amazed me.



Don't mess with sifu!

Pass through Celuk village, stop by one of the many gold&silver smith house and pick a souvenir for yourself. Reasonable price for every handmade jewellery but be careful of picking up the false items.


Move on to Mount and Lake Batur at Kintamani for lunch break with the magnificent mountain view lays in front of you with chilling weather. You'll appreciate the weather after a morning knowing the heat in Bali. Except if you're unlucky as us, went on a rainy season. :(

Mount Batur was shy to meet us.

Nasi Bali/ Nasi Campur.

A good cuppa of drink is essential after lunch. Take a stop at Temen Village, try world's most expensive coffee which made from poo - Kopi Luwak at 50,000.00 Rupiah (RM15)/glass. I had one and honestly, I don't understand what makes it special. Perhaps I'm not born with the special tongue that tells. Instead I fell in love with the refreshing lemongrass tea. :x

The famous Luwak (Mongoose).



The local cigars.

The beautiful beans.


See Tegenungan Waterfall.
Rumour says it's a place for the dead. No one are allowed to go near to the waterfall as you might disturb the spirits. Our friendly tour guide told us one fell down from the waterfall and the body stayed there perfectly for a week. Nature preservative is strong I guess?


I'm not sure if you're aware, there is one famous attraction in Bali - the god damn traffic.
It could take one hour or more from one spot to the other regardless of the fact that they are all extremely close. My advice, stop  for tea before you kill someone, somewhere beautiful that make a plus.


Tegallalang rice terrace. 


Visit Ubud Palace and the local market.
You must know that the market is dirty and dodgy. But if you want to get the best deal for the little souvenir for your fella friends, that's the right place to go. Make sure you start with 90% discount on whatever price they asked. ;)


Holy entrance.



Last but not least, a seafood dinner at Jimbaran.
Pick the right restaurant otherwise you might end up like us. 5 of us went for the dinner and 3 were sick after. Beware of the tourist traps!



And so, we went close to 10 different spots in a day (approximately 13 hours) for the price of USD 45 per person including transport and meal. If you have nothing in mind, why not give it a try during your next visit?
Different packages are available at different agencies (you may get the brochures from the airport or better, they are everywhere on the streets!). Don't worry, their offers are more or less the same.

xo love,

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Royal Flush @ Oasis Ara Damansara

Royal Flush, a poker hands of five cards that is ranked highest - The lucky bastard.

How is the 9th day of Chinese Snake Year treating you?
I hope the never-ending drinking, gambling, home visiting  session is feeding you both mentally and physically well.

Now if you didn't catch a good hands of royal flush during the game..

One of my favourite pub+grub chain, Tom, Dick & Harry's recently launch another surprise outlet for you diners in Kuala Lumpur! The Royal Flush, emphasize on serving you the pinnacle of Chinese fine dining, have open their doors for you in Oasis Ara Damansara. That one eyes catching building that uses strong Chinese cultural design. If you're in the right area, it is impossible for you to missed it.


The grand opening that brought both close friends and suppliers happened a week before our Chinese new year celebration with massive traditional Chinese performance which I thought was 'WOW'! The boys definitely know their trick of throwing a hell-of-party, it was unacceptably NICE.


I went back for a second round of food tasting with my lovely girls few days later,
a little pre-lousang dinner before the CNY.


Rounds of Cloudy Bay started as we arrived earlier than the rest.
I find this photo really, really funny. Look at Tim's face. :P


Serving us the fine dining of Chinese cuisine, we started with a combination basket of Dim Sum that contains Siu Mai, Xiao Long Bao and Fish ball. The siu mai and xiao long bao was pretty decent while I passed my fishball to others. Nothing bad but it's just that I don't much fancy it.


Twin Cold Combination - Abalone slices & Oysters.
The Abalone was good with the touch of sweet sauce and I didn't take the dried oyster. But the girls said it was great.


One of my favourite dish of the night, Grilled Cod.
Well marinated with honey barbecue sauce, it was tasssssty! The only part is that the portion was so small! But then again, good stuff are meant to lingers. :P


Grilled Pork Ribs.
The big piece that takes me 20 minutes to chew on it. I forgot the word diet and nom on the juicy yet prefect flavoured bites, almost ended up biting my own fingers!


Simple yet delightful. Second round of dining experience there, I kept it and waited for my next dish to come to go along with, the bacon fried rice topped with Abalone. It was perfect together. :x



Came to the last two dish of the night, Double Boiled Bird's Nest and Glutinous Rice Dumpling.
I would say it's the best combination of dessert ever! Everyone love bird's nest, and the right amount of sweetness that explode in mouth, perfection!


Sorry peeps, just focus on the Mochi.
It was some technical mistake that someone's Abalone flew off to the dessert plate.


The food at The Royal Flush was great,
not to mention that the interior that made a significant plus to diner experience.
Both night was excellent for me with the fun companion and if you're interested of going for the menu above, it's RM 1200.00 for ten pax.

But of course, ala carte menu is available for your choice as well!

The Royal Flush
Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 PJ.
Phone: 012-2997598

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Give yourself a lit treat - Champagne brunch at Circus, Pavilion

He said  "Hey, wake up, let's go for something good for the Christmas eve morning, a little treat for ourselves on this joyful day." Hmmm, I wouldn't mind the gentle treats on my every grumpy morning. :)

It took me another two hours for to tear-away the ultimate bond with my beloved bed and pillows and ready for outing. We went to theeeeee (drum roll please) champagne brunch in Circus, Pavilion.


Suffering from a hangover on a Sunday morning after a havoc night out on Saturday night? You might need a blardy good bloody Mary or my choice, a glass of bubbly ones.
Moet Chandon free flow for four hours from 12pm - 4pm every Sunday with the scrumptious international buffet in the outlet, I smells fun.


I never like to start my drinks with empty stomach. I don't like seafood as well, not to mention that I never have the guts to feed on oyster before. So under the pressure of those fiery stares from a bunch of heartless people, I popped my cherry on ze-ultimate-bizarre-looking-creature-on-earth.

It was..... not bad. *Excuse me, you oyster lover*


Wide spread of seafood choices laying on the bar for your pick!
Pick your favourite?




My favourite of the day.





The risotto station. They serves you different type of risotto (ginger, chicken, etc) every different Sunday, so give yourself a shot. I'd say it's a MUST of the day before you dig into the dessert session.

There's a dessert bar in the restaurant displays the sinful pieces of evil.
I picked my Tiramisu to go w the bubbly.. it was lovely.


Two is better than one.



The food was overall great and I love the beef cuts,  and risotto!
Then again, the bubbly says it all.

I'm lovin' it.

Circus Sunday Hangover Brunch
International buffet with free flow of

  • Soft drinks and juices - RM 88.00 ++
  • Moet & Chandon - RM 228.00 ++
  • Dom Perignon - RM 868.00 ++ 

More photos at:

p/s: Sorry for the lack of update and this long overdue post.
Late but still, wishing you loveliest Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year!

Cheers baby?