Sunday, February 21, 2010

First visiting on CNY :)

What's other than visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year?

For our family, it is the first thing to do on the first day! :)

My lovely China doll ;)

How much does that remind you of the sweet lovely childhood?

Unlike most of the people, our visiting spot are middle in the jungle but not city! All the way up to the hill! :D

Enjoying a couples of beer under the tree definitely kick the burning weather away!

Here i end the post with the self-volunteered model's picture!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yesterday's memories, Today's love

Yesterday, you came into my life
the stranger, always sit quietly in class
the silly cute one who secret admiring

Yesterday, the first contact
the way u stared into my eyes
the day u hold my hand to walk together

Yesterday, u hold me in your arms
the hug the kiss , the pamper the love
we started the story book named you and me

yesterday, yesterday, yesterday.
Everything feels just like yesterday
Memories never fades away

Today, i smile because i know I've found my wants, desires, and the passions of life

Today, with you, my love, i want to start a dream that never ends.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese Tiger Year!! How's ur CNY holiday so far?


I'm stuffed with junk foods, beers and soft drinks everyday!!

And yes.. sore throat kill me because of this!! :/

That's all for now, more coming soon!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Me & U = We

My only exception of rules.


The only one who able to cause butterflyz all over my world.

Happy V-day!!

to all the lovers in the world!

and of course..

to my butterflyz boi,you know I LOVE U !! :x

withlouise, with s

Friday, February 12, 2010

Uncyclopedia - free time killer!

The blogger seems to have a lit too much time back in hometown, guess is the time to do a lit more updates! ;)

Again! In case you always have a lit too much time on surfing net and bored with it like me, i hereby introduce u a fun/interesting site which definitely bring u laughter just by reading!!

An encyclopedia website filling with sarcastic information yet u can't deny that they have really great sense of humor!

My most favorite search result there are Malaysia, Microsoft, Dota, Starbucks, KFC ... etc.

Trust me! U won't be bored reading it and it kill time, a lot!

Have fun searching and tell me your most favorite search now!! ;)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

C'est la vie

If u are not the one there always busy with work or having a lit time to think about non-sense like i do,don't you think life sometime are boring?

When we first came to this world, we know nothing. Everything started with a sight, a touch, a smell, and slowly we learn.
Everyday is new! with a chance for you to learn, to learn things that u never would know.

We go to school at the age around 5. Kinder garden, primary school, secondary..till University, until u get your degree/master/prof. done.
During the schooling days, we fight for the greatest result ever.

We graduated and we work.
We work for living life, we fight for better quality of everything, and we'r paying the unlimited liabilities.

and then....? Marry, get a few kids and start shouting at them every single day in life..

I don't know!
From what i've seen at least that's the most typical yet the most common life style of all people.
Sounds pretty bored no?

Of course i know it isn't that bad when we have the companion of loves on the path we walking through, everything look just so beautiful in lover's eye. But im wishing there is something interesting and fun throughout the process!!

I want something that i never experience before! Perhaps something somewhere where i'm not familiar with it at all. Perhaps a whole new place where the people are different, behavior, what they believes, their thoughts are all different from people i used to be with! Like..working in South Africa? or Manhattan perhaps?

Get what i mean now? something sound impossible will do!


C'est la vie!
Not just that's life but we make it up of our own! ;)

I know that is not something which will happen in dream only!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


#1 Swimming session for every weekend!! Otherwise my clothes ain't gonna fit me anymore after CNY!! :|

#2 Meeting up da BEST months ago!! Awwww i miss them ! =((

#3 Classes everyday!

#4 A cup of coffee always bring ur day up! ;)

#5 Da butterflyz boi will never get bored of computer and his codes! :-B

#6 Hang out with kakaks for some juicy gossip session! :D

#7 Mii love banana leaf riceeee!

#8 First time receiving souvenir from Africa, thanks Jerry! ;)

#9 A lit soju for the Saturday night are just too great isn't it? :x

#10 Butterflyz's all time favorite spot.

That's all for now! Feb, da greatest month of the year , CNY coming together with my 20's birthday!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mii butterflyz

Hey my butterflyz boi!! :x


:"> Recently found out that he loves fireflies too!

Hmmmm... perhaps nothing more like..flies?