Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dream of Sinking Ship

It was me, you, friends and family.
I dream of a sinking ship. I was terrified and there's nothing that I can do about it.
I watch as the wave hits. We were going down.

There I was, million feet under the sea watching the ship....

It certainly feels strange and creepy.
Like many others, I immediately went to Google about it.

The water symbolizes both the mind and the soul and the culmination of those two things into what we call emotions. The water is basically a metaphor, in our dreams, for our own emotions, and a boat is our own ability to cross through those emotions and to navigate our own feelings. 

If you dream of your boat sinking this is a sign that you need to try harder in the future to control the way you feel. You have not been able to handle yourself the way that you should. Even though sometimes it can be a good thing to express your emotions, when you see a boat sinking in your dreams this is a sign that what you have been doing lately is not the good or constructive kind of emotional expression. You have gone beyond the realm of mere expression and these are now being translated into outbursts. You simply cannot keep control of yourself any longer.

Did I went outta control?
I don't know. The bad temper always hit. 

Toothache killing, 
grumpy xin.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Here I am, sitting in a cafe having some lone time on a peaceful Sunday.
Dad called yesterday saying that he felt as if he has one daughter lesser nowadays. As much as I wanted to go back but, to think of the mayhem might happened later just doze me off.

I usually handle all personal & work stuff using company's laptop and here I am,
typing from my own. Found some photos that's stored in desktop and flipping it through.
I thought of this day, last year.
No friends, no money, no home, no job, depression, lost.
It amazes me how did I walked through the days.
I don't remember how did it happened. From negative to zero to positive.

I don't deny things happened, they all happened for a reason.
It taught me well, to be strong, to be tough, good enough to be myself.
Well, people paid heavy price to get this far, the best option is to make it count by moving forward.

That was then, this is now.
Living in a society where promises are made like they're made to be broken.
I have promised myself a huge one since last year and it is due in approximately two months time.

Time is due soon and I can't wait to see it.