Monday, May 30, 2011

Tiny update.

In the need for some drinks, surrounding by loud music and party poopers.

Myself at Hennessy Artistry 2011 first run at The Opera, Sunway weeks ago.



w Helenness :)


xo loves,

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Great food is da bitch.


Sinful but heavenly.

Happy Sunday! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

If only I could tell you how much I care.

The most significant month of the year? May it is.
Every year without a missed, the one particular Sunday, gather up the siblings, dressing up in - you know the one she always like. Hometown off we left from the city, not very far, requires just one hour of drives.

You know how the story usually goes,
kids was set away after primary, apart from you seems strange at the beginning. Time pass, kids grow and comes the gap, an invisible thing where blocks them both. So much which words can't tell.

10years. Exactly 10years by now I'm away from staying in home. Sometimes the jealousy, sometimes the envious by looking at friends, with their very harmony home sweet home every day. But never a doubt my own serves me best. Because of love and give from her.

In May,

It was her birthday. It was mother's day.


I remember the encouragement she gave me when I didn't get the desirable result dad always wanted. I remember, the love and care she gave me when I was in shit. I remember the tears on her face every time you worry about me. God knows how much I hate myself every time I see her got upset.

She never went out out of patience spending time educating us from child, she give guidance and advices when I ask, never a thing she don't know, it seems she can do most in everything, she's master in everything - never a doubt, she have all my respect.



You probably don't know this. Nothing as important as seeing the smile on her face, nothing.


To you, perhaps words can't tell how I feel deep inside. If only, I have the gut to tell you.

Mom, sorry for not being a good baby even at this age and,

I love you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let your shopping spree start now!

Girls, we might not know each other very well, we might never meet each other before, probably, you don't even know me.

But there is one thing for sure, we share a lit tiny common interest, which I believe 99% of us belongs to the same kind of species --- WE L.O.V.E SHOPPING!

We love the fancy dresses on stage, we adore the gorgeousness of every unique piece of accessories, and we always want to grab every single designer's handbag home with us! Ops, let's not forget how sexy the limited edition piece always is.

We know shopping mall is no longer the only choice for us. Weekend might be your only time to relax but sometimes things just doesn't go the way you like. Online shopping is always the life saver! 24/7 available unlike mall closing at 10p.m, skip the crowd, I don't see a reason why would there be a NO to it?!

A newly discovered place for you and me both for some excitement!

HiShop, an online shopping club for Malaysia's premier members only. Register as member and you'll be able to access to the online private sales of branded goods ranging from ready-to-wear garments, handbags & accessories and home furnishing at up to 80% discount!

Up to 80%?! Not joking.

Stop "whoaaaaaaaaaaaa-ing" and start your SHOPPING SPREE immediately!

At least we can avoid things what is happening to her at the beginning?

Seriously, who doesn't like this?!

Check them out at to start your shopping spree right now! :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If, if tomorrow is the end of the world.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna tell my parents that I truly love them for brought me to this world.
I wanna tell my beloved sisters and brothers who be there for me no matter what I face in life.
I wanted to call dad&mom but they are currently in Bangkok.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna thanks mii fat butterflyz who will stand by me forever. Who will love me, forgive me, and embrace me in any circumstances.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna tell Jin, Angel, Kae, Hoong, MK that they are the best mates I ever had.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna thanks to everyone who came in to my life before.
I wanna thanks to those who hurt/love me to taught me the greatest lessons in life.
Without you, I'm not who I am today.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna thanks to my dearest reader for reading withlouise's, even if you pass by just for once before.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
I wanna tell you every single day of past my 21 years is perfectly painted with memories without any regret.

If tomorrow is the end of the world,
you should stop reading this now!

I'm here writing this, because I'm out of idea what can I possibly do, after releasing myself from all the stress caused by assignments!
Get it? I'm too free and I have nothing to do!

I know world will eventually end one day but not tomorrow for sure! =))
But yes, everything I wrote is the truth from deepest of mii heart.

But if world is really coming to an end in a lit while (6pm nuff said),
I wanto stuff myself w McDonald's french fries and Las Vacas burger watching Friends at home w my fat butterflyz !!


If tomorrow is the end of the world,
lets drink up and keep the booze flowing! :)

Nitez xo,
louisexin <3

Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Chapter of University

There is a total duration of 9 months for me to complete the project but something you're familiar with, student never get things done early, and so do I.

To rush for my most important submission of uni life, I gave up my beloved sayang bed and comfy blanket for weeks! Unbelievable, believe it.



Fat boi's AI project.


Counting every second, tic toc, tic toc.


Bottoms up is no longer apply for alcohol drinks only.


At the end of the day, I got my baby printed. 9months to produce this, pretty much equals to a having a baby no? :D


After days of tortures and tons of blood+sweat, ok over exaggerate. B-)

I'm finally done with you!



God bless I'll pass this without any problem, I don't wanna see this shyt anymore, seriously.

I want to see this building no more! :-<


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My ultimate love.

She is 3, turning 4 in couple of months.

She is naughty, playful, smart, beautiful, cute, lovely and adorable.

Definitely a talented photographer and photogenic.

She is the queen who rules the house, sweetheart to melt everyone's heart.

But be careful, she might jump on you back anytime from no where.

Sucha princess but,

lets never forget that she's also, a pig.






She brings laughter to everyone , she brings the joy, the source of happiness.

Never once she fails to put on a smile on my face.

She's da love.