Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For beautiful lovers; blind date in a box.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day everyone!
I hope you had a good celebration with the loved ones, gathering, dinner, or perhaps the massive shopping spree from all the sales in mall!


I happen to went through a website that send out premium cosmetics and beauty products sample for subscriber - The Lilac Box; an on-line subscription-based sampling programme.

Wrapped in a beauty box, The Lilac Box deliver you the premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly. With RM 35 of subscription fee, you could discover  and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows you to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if you like what you've tried.

The Lilac Box pic 2

Fun part, you wouldn't know what's in it every month until you open up the secret box at your door step. Hell, this could be fun. Who knows I might spot my most favourite brand in an unexpected month? :)

There have quite a number of brands in house now and still updating, I smells fun.


I think this is a great platform for user.  "You gotta test drive before you buy a car", nuff said. You know it is kinda hard to get the first hand samples from the strict-face sales person in outlets. More than often, we came home with buys from impulsive spending or worst, we discover that the products we bought wasn't really up to expectation. These little magic could do wonders!

Find out more at and head over to receive your little surprise now! I wouldn't wait. ;)

Dear Santa, I've been a good good girl this year, please got the gifts deliver will ya? :)

Patiently waiting,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Best beef noodles in town - Lai Foong Kopitiam.

Many fancies a hot bowl of slurpee noodles during the rainy day.
I could have one any time, any day.
Tried numbers of beef noodles in KL yet this is still my favourite place. Have your favourite noodles type with the most delicious long-boiled soup based, you couldn't taste it anywhere else but Lai Foong Kopitiam.

They say don't judge a book by it's cover. Hidden under the roof of an aged-building,  Lai Foong is located in Jln H.S Lee, approximately 2 minutes walk from central market.

There are many stalls within the shop but I always go for the beef noodles.
With about RM 6 (various depends on your personal choices of ingredients), you couldn't ask for more.


I don't eat inners so lean meat is always my choice.
Go for the soup ones, I assure you're gonna leave the shop without regret even with dripping sweat. :D



Three generous portion bowls of noodles with beef balls and it cost us RM 22 only. Man, I can now R.I.P.

Kedai Kopi Lai Foong
Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,
Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coffee. Cafe. Culture - Antipodean Cafe

Waking up late during the weekend don't always do wonders. But it does when you're totally drained throughout the long week. I love waking up smelling a cuppa coffee; it used to be milo but I guess its different now.

We went to Antipodean KL last weekend for the launch of Somersby brunch.
I've been to the one in Bangsar couple of times so I think it might be good to introduce one of the very good place for breakfast in KL.

Both outlets in Bangsar and KL served the exact same menu and to my surprise, they have same interior design and everything else. Speaking of consistency, thumbs up!

Cuppa flat white to start my engine.

We've ordered way too many dishes just for the two of us. And I selfishly have the big breakfast with beef bacon all by myself. :) It usually cost RM 22 but it comes with a bottle of Somersby for the price of RM 32. Does it ring a bell to you for the 10 bucks cider in TDH every once in a while?


Up to personal preferences, you could have sausage instead of bacon on the plate.


Egg Marlborough with Salmon. I find the eggs a lit overcooked and it didn't turn out as well as the one I've tried in Bangsar. However, we couldn't manage to eat it after our plateful of meal so we finished the smoked salmon instead. :P


Haloumi Salad.
One of my favourite salad ever since I've been introduced to Haloumi cheese in Al- Amar Express.
It was very refreshing and I should say that it is very good as an appetiser.


The lamb burger.
Consist layers of greens, cheese, patty and bacon, it was a good combination. But the patty was a lit dry and there wasn't much sauce used in the burger so we have to ask for ketchup or chilli sauce to go with.



One of my favourite spot for big breakfast in KL with the good coffee!

Now where's my plate of loves? :x

Antipodean Bangsar
20, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru, K.L

Antipodean KL
Menara Tan & Tan, 
Jalan Tun Razak, K.L

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Carlsberg MY & Luen Heng F&B Annual Party @ Sunway Surf Beach

Even though working in this company can be quite the pain in the ass, sometimes; we do enjoy it every once in a blue moon. For example, party where we don't actually need to work. Gathered up to 2000 staffs including central and outstation birds in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Carlsberg Malaysia and Luen Heng F&B threw one hell of a party again to reward all the hard work from everyone throughout the year.

Long programme list to run down for the night and I must say the most entertaining part is the performance competition from 8 different team that represents different brand of product that we carry. Well, time for some monkey show! I'm not sure if this count as fortunate or the other way, I was included in the performance team.

And our call is? Asahi.


My colleague cum the 'director' had scheduled a rehearsal every once a week for a month. So the hell begin. It was not because of the performance sucks, it was because I was suffering from too much laughter during the rehearsal!


Everything went perfectly well until we actually change the entire concept into a Japan Super Hero party.
The day one brought the rented costume and .... You'll see.


My usually serious but not so serious manager instantly upgraded to my super hero!


Different rounds of trying and we finally came up with a decision.
The ultra-man, SailorMoon, naked Sumo, Geisha, and a Joker out of no where. -_-"   (TELL ME YOU'RE NOT LAUGHING!)


So the day finally arrived and we did a round of rehearsal on the stage. Spot the PSY on the stage? If only my boss can stay still, sometimes.


We're back to the exact spot 2 hours later but with a much cooler stage and couldn't help but thinking, are we really gonna do that stunt? Well it was nothing..nothing but a tiny stage with three projector to feature your ugly face into 2 thousand people. :S


A perfect example for the 'must' featured face.


Hide behind the stage for an hour is usually ok but under the rain?! :/ We had pint after pint of Jagermeister instead of beer. Probably the largest cuppa Jager I've ever seen in my life.

It took me a while to decide if I should put up the video but I think you guys deserve a good laugh after the whole grandma story of preparation and all. Or, just a good laugh with Louise and tell me what do you think about it?  :)

To our surprise, we won the grand prize of the night for RM2000. Boss decided to top it up with extra $$ just because we made him proud! Well well well, perhaps we are not that bad after all.


Boss :)

We were shooting the boss with water gun all night long and we thought, why not throw him into the water directly? Not gonna tell you if we did or not but, it was surely a havoc night!

Year end approaching, how's your party?

Party rock,
Louise Xin

Monday, December 17, 2012

WithLouise @ Phuket, Thailand

Three months of flight tickets booked in advance and we finally made it to our nearly ten days trip to Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi in Thailand.
It was definitely not a pleasant wake up call to catch the first flight of the day on 7a.m. after a party night out at the finale party of MIGF; but we still manage to gather everything at 4 in the morning and off we go to the beautiful lands!

It takes only approximately one hour to arrive and what the hell, I'm lovin' what's in front of my eyes already!


It took us almost 3 hours to go to the hotel from air port because of the bus transportation and stopping at information centre by the tourist company (that probably trying to squeeze the money out of your pocket).
But all the grumpiness and heat was taken off the moment we stepped into our villa; we rented The Village Resort & Spa at Karon Beach from Agoda at a reasonable price for a villa with one bedroom, living room, shower room, and a walk-in closet + cosmetic room for the next three days!

Get everything settled and we took a 5 minutes walk to Kata beach which is located just in front of our hotel.


Colleagues was telling me how inappropriate season that I chose to go (early November) due to the rainy season. They were well, kinda right but we managed to spend a few hours by the beach for the first sunshine. :)

Karon Beach



My sunshine boy enjoying his tanning session. 

Couple of hours later we decided to go around the island. Not to my surprise, the cab/tuk tuk fare in Thailand is ridiculous expensive! So we took a bike from the hotel for only 350 batt a day.

At Kata Beach.

Heard and read many posts on the internet that mentioned the pancakes in Phuket is a "must" try items and so we did. Wonder if it's because we were both starving after the beach session, I'm usually not a big fan of sweet items but man, it was delicious!

Banana Pancake.

Drove further down the street and we were trying to locate one of the view point around. Without proper guidance, we actually took a lot of wrong routes and finally decided to land our legs at Reggae to catch the sunset.

Reggae Bar 

No regrets, the view was breathe-taking. Eyeing the sunset with one end (Phromthep) to the other (Kata) was simply blissful.





Then we took a slow ride to Patong which is famous for the night life, well probably only to the guys if you get what I mean. :P



We randomly found a restaurant that's hidden from the main street - Sabai Beach! :D

First simple Thai dinner by the beach but it was lack of the kick of the spiciness; only to find out later that most of the restaurant tuned down the spice level in the food to cater the tourist taste bud.
You might need to emphasize that you like your food with local taste to the waiter/waitress, then only they will serve the authentic ones to you.

Clear soup seafood Tom Yum. 

Pad Thai.

Of course, pineapple fried rice. 


The food was nothing impressive but with seafood, fishes and a lot more that cost lesser than RM 100, you couldn't ask for anything more. It was a really, really long day when you woke up at 4 a.m and yea, we went back at 9 p.m. (8pm in KL) like grands.

So, ciao for now and stay tuned for our islands hoping trip yay?


Artisan Roast Coffee

Thinking of a relaxing Sunday at a corner that could hide you perfectly from everything?
We found this little place in TTDI after taking the little ones to vet. 
Surrounded by coffee aroma and coffee lovers; just about perfect for the lazy Sunday.

A cuppa red latte for my personal liking and a couple slices of sticky caramel definitely made my day.


Artisan Roast Coffee
4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Email,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween with Jagermeister Malaysia.

"This is the night - The night.

Of the grave's delight,
And the warlocks are at their play;
You think that without,
THe wild winds shout,
But no! It is they - It is them! "

 Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Halloween: A Romaunt

We heard the witch and ghost make merry on the last of dear October's days.
A mansion located in the middle of the city was haunted some time last month. Eye of dead, toe of frog, tongue of dog, but they said there's no body in there,

but are you sure, really?


Witches riding, shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen.
Voices whisper in the trees.... It's Halloween!





It's a night that everyone's entitled to one good scare.


: Don't you know what happens on Halloween?
- Candies! OR NOT.





He said : 
"Please, please, help me grow to be like them, the ones'll soon be here, who never grow old, can't die". 
That's what they say, can't die, no matter what, or maybe they died a long time ago...


He said :
I used to rule the world.. I still am.





: But I saw the zombie.. I saw I saw.
- What did he look like?
: Zombie....




You've fooled them! But no..not me.


A man won't do this.
Not unless they are alive..


"Oh How the candles will be lit and the wood of worm burn in a fiery dust. For on all Hallow's Eve will the spirits come to play, and only the fruit of thy womb will satisfy their endless roaming." - Solange Nicole

A Halloween party brought to you by Jagermeister & Carlsberg Malaysia in Seri Carcosa KL and indeed everyone pulled out their best outfit and I was truly impressed! Never had so much fun in a long time with the countless shots of Jagermeister with the craziest walking-dead.

We have prison that escape from nowhere, psycho that walked around with treat of poison shots, policeman/women that got you arrested for no reason, vampires who were happy with their dose of blood, it was a night that brought the worst nightmare to everyone.

I've heard there are more parties coming, I smells fun.

Trick or treat?
Louise Xin