Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fifteen Hours.

Not sure whether it was because of the rising pressure from work, or any build up little issue back home is bothering me. I rant, I rage easily, I then start thinking too much - negatively.

I want to talk. I need to talk. The repeating dream every night, it is driving me nuts.
In a office that is full of products, in a bed that's filled with papers, and I was running in a jungle made from numbers. Eyes are everywhere, mostly staring with disagreement.
It must be the year end thingy.

Well, one more week.
Ending the year end sales meeting, just another week to go - for the very little details to be done for closing. I want this to be over quickly!

I think I should go for a real shopping spree to kick these nonsense off.

15 hours till year 2015, tic toc.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ending 2014, Making WithLouise Alive!

It has been a while since I last blogged.
Well, the last post was more than a year ago. I guess I forgot about it until Pagan asked me for it.
It's not that my life is dull or extremely eventful, it was ... normal. Twenty Fourteen has been a good year to me.
A roller coaster ride from life experience in work, friendship, family, finance and everything that gave me a shock but thank God, I survived it.

Imma gonna be random as I type.
Random events, random stories, random jokes, anything that run across my mind now.

I've learn that people come and go. I've learn that you are only strong because you've been weak; I even have the thoughts of putting a tattoo to it so that I do not fall again.
I've learn to start from zero, literally. Climbing up was tough but it was all worthy. I'm grateful that I met wonderful peoples and have amazing friends that never judge during my tough time, and the helps and encourages advises I get.

I've gained 10 kgs in a year and that puts a frown on my face! But now that I'm back to normal, I then come to realization that, isn't everything supposed to be this way? Things will be back to normal no matter how terrible, horrible it went.

Speaking of the weight gained, I discovered a way to lose weight that caters all you alcoholics out there. Good news? More beer!
I changed my diet a little by cutting carbs (once a day, usually breakfast), normal lunch (without carbs), and beer for dinner! In 3 months, I threw 7 kgs outta window! Now, do not tell me anything that says beer is fattening or highest calories among all alcohol. The fattening part comes from your supper, or any snacks that you're holding on your hand now I assume.

And that, puts me back to cooking. I love cooking. I love baking. I love the smells in the house whenever someone's cooking. For this I've started a small business, selling food in a jar. Mainly healthy bites or upon request for client's occasions. It feels great to look at the little jars of happiness.
On a side note, a couple of friends started their own business too! It certainly feel good to see friends around growing their hobby or interest steadily into business (I always agree to doing what you're liking is best thing to grow). The little effort that comes from everyone to help, the ups and downs.

I've quit the alcohol industry and got myself a job in a FMCG supplying company thanks to Christine. Instead of helping the lost souls now, I'm supplying happiness products! I love my job. I no longer need to stay up till late for work. I no longer need to drink for drinking. I'm enjoying my drinks just like how I used to be! I love the hangout sessions with friends instead of visiting different pubs and clubs days and nights. I'm spending more time at home with the love ones. I'm healthier, I guess.  >.<

I'm back to diving, the silent and beauty in the sea still fascinates me like mad! I still travels, but it is subjected to the availability from work. I shall post up some photos sometime soon.

Ok, that's too much typing. I think I should spend more time here, again.
Now, its about time for a beer.

Till then,