Friday, April 29, 2011

Marriage, really?!

Just realize I'm surrounded by too many wedding related topics lately. Did a topic on wedding planner for my project, went thru uncountable wedding pages in 9months time, annoying twitter time lines flooded w the #RoyalWedding ones all day long and so on.

Can't stand the slowly rising annoyance deep inside, so I watched the live streaming royal wedding for 10minutes only and boi, everything is so beautiful!

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

I don't deny the fact that seeing all these really got me into this whole thing about marriage. To tell you a secret, I secretly went on a imagination tour of my own wedding when I was developing my project.

Now, this absolutely minds blowing one officially leads me to an endless night with wanders.

Puma Social - The After Hours Athlete

Finally! I got some time to do a little update for you, dearest readers.
The pain in the ass a.k.a final year project, is finally over, for now. Hopefully everything goes well and I can leave that place full of crap by the end of the year. :)

Attend Puma Social at Publika @ Solaris Dutamas last Friday.





" PUMA Social Club Tour, simply entitled “Here’s to the After-Hours Athlete”, was first rolled out in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, before making its way to Malaysia and Singapore (to be launched the same time as Malaysia). "

Social activities sometimes don't involve drinking ONLY but there are games that one play off the field with friends!


Ping pong and foosball tables in different size were placed around the club for peoples to join the competition! Gawd, trust me the miniature ones never goes easy as it seems.

Fatso louise almost crashed the table! :|



It was the first time I get my hand on foosball and thank godness, I wasn't that bad. >:D<

Love the way they decorate the place w placing Puma products all over. Gave me the urge to sneak it home with me! Spot the gorgeous piece at the entrance!

I want it! But worry it's gonna be keep aside like what i did to my Nike, never even once I wore it after a year I got it from HK. Forgot why I even waited for 3 hours just to get the damn shoes.


But YES, I'm so gonna get it in store, can n.e.v.e.r refuse the reddish seduction!

Non stop pouring for all night long for everyone in house,


But liquid bread will always be the pick whenever we get to choose! :)




It was one awesome night, meet some new friends and there goes the night!

Visit for more details or events in the future. :)


xx, louisexin

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Randomisms #6

3 words & 8 letters,


I Miss You.

xx, louisexin

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kick starts your Hennessy Artistry 2011 @ Voodoo & The Opera !

Last year, I wento 3 Hennessy Artistry parties and had so much fun with the flow of booze and awesome performances, not forgetting my party poopers too!

The country’s most talked about party, H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will be kick-starting its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road on April 28.

Artistes Group Pic

Australian electro/house duo, Vandalism which comprises of DJ/Producer Andy Van (previously of Madison Avenue fame) and vocalist/songwriter Cassie Van. Making their debut on the H-Artistry stage, Australia’s leading electro/dance outfit is ready to infect the dance floors of Voodoo and The Opera come April with Andy tearing up the decks while Cassie belts out some show stopping sexy vocals.

Staying true to H-Artistry’s innovative approach in blending musical genres of the East and West, the upcoming party will also see Malaysia’s very own up and coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol conquering the stage. Formed by a group of angsty but fun-loving guys, they combine their varied influences ranging from The Clash to Queens of the Stone Age to create an eclectic mix of punk, soul and electro.

Two of the hottest female DJs in town, Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz. Together, they form Spinderella.

Ready to rock any crowd off the ground, Spinderella has set their sights in bringing the house down with their signature club, electro, and house tunes!


Promising a colourful blend of music, delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks that you can never miss, and a party atmosphere that is second to none, H-Artistry will then head down to Klang Valley in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid two days later on April 30.

H-Artistry at MIECC in October last year

Heard that ?


Party-goers coming into the party this year will receive a new radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristband that allows them to log on to their respective Facebook accounts and automatically post their activities as status updates whenever they scan their wristbands onto a RFID reader located at each Hennessy Mixing booth.

In addition, photos of guests taken at the Hennessy Interactive Photowall will be uploaded onto H-Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at upon which, guests can also instantaneously tag themselves on the photos using their RFID wristband.

That is way too cool! It's time to loads some favorite Hennessy Berry again! *jumps

The 'Stars' of H-Artistry, Hennessy V.S.O.P's signature long drinks

I'll be attending the one in The Opera and leaves the first bash at Voodoo to the Penang rockers!

Come join me at the party?


Passes to the H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these two upcoming exclusive events, visit the H-Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Step Inside The Ultimate V-VIP Race Party Delivered in Black

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

What's that ?!

KUALA LUMPUR, 9th April 2011 – The Black Circuit Lounge was a star-studded affair and the hottest party in town during the recent Malaysian Grand Prix weekend. Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch whisky saw the crème de la crème of Malaysian society Step Inside the Black Circuit Lounge for the ultimate race party. Johnnie Walker has once again wowed guests and celebrities with international entertainment at the Black Circuit Lounge, the Official Race Party of the Malaysian Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur. This glamorous event was held at the picturesque Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses on Saturday April 9th.

You must have went through a few blog post regarding to Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge previously, regardless to the one held in Singapore, or the previous one in KL. I bet many of you were excited for the big grand party right. So do I! Feeling the urge of joining the biggest party of the year that I can't be bothered to ditch the heavy loads of final year project aside for the night!


Forgive me for not bringing camera there, there are days where you forgets stuff and .... #-o Hence the pictures I "stole" from Johnnie Walker's Facebook page. Professional photographer surely did a wonderful job!


A booth set for the party at Palace of The Golden Horses. It was huge but I believes most of the party peeps barely had a proper breath on the night, everyone was soaking wet in sweat,

it was way too humid and H.O.T.


Despite the annoyance of heat, the booze was definitely satisfying together with the rockin' beats from DJs !



Bumped into lotsa people that I haven't meet in ages, it was nice catching up but this is the only picture of mine from Johnnie Walker :)


You ready to step inside the V-VIP Race Party?

There you go the hottest party in town,

I brought the mini striding man home with me!



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to 10years old!

Do you still remember the time, when you were still a kiddo following parents to Genting Highland. Where most of the time the adults will just gave the sista/brotha some blinks $ to entertain us before getting into their room of entertainment?

Yes yesh, those was my time going into Genting theme park. How much we loved carousel back then?! The cotton candy, balloons, fancy about the bears, ferris wheel and so on.. omigosh! \m/


So the bestie suggest to visit the theme park months ago, why not? To renew the fun we use to had during childhood again but this time, I'm with friends!



Too early for overly exciting games and we start our day "driving" around..




Touring around while waiting for a friend to join us for the fun!


It seems like the whole place is under proper maintenance. :( It is not the same anymore!





One of my top favorite game back then! Guess I'm too old for this now. Hang in there for 5mins before I'm able to move my butt off the seat after. :-w



Love birds.




Pirates ship! Not as exciting as the one in Sunway Lagoon but, it was the best part of the day because, our friend Shay Li is screaming like no one business, grabbing da boyf's arm like its gonna break any sec!

While I'm happily taking photos :P


Told you!





Fooled around like a little kid the entire day outing with them. Man I skipped a day of classes for this ok! I gotta earn what I've sacrifice ! :P

The couple got themselves a couple wear now to match with the handsome wooly boy at home. :>





Say hello to wooly boy before closing the post!


xx, louisexin