Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unveiling the story of Glenmonrangie.

Glenmorangie's "Unnecessarily Well Made".

With multi-layered aromas and kaleidoscopic flavours which it stimulates the senses and entice the palate, Glenmorangie is arguably the most delicious and complex single malt whisky in the world.


The Glenmorangie distillery lies in the far north of Scotland, in the Royal Burgh of Tain, Ross-shire.


Single malt whisky obtains its flavour from the wooden casks used in maturation. Many of of them are made from white oaks grown on the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, USA.
Glenmorangie casks are only ever used twice, to ensure the optimal amount of flavour is extracted into the whisky.


The casks will then be stored in low stone-built buildings with earthen floors, permeated by fresh sea-air, a gentle local climate ensuring a steady path to full maturity. Over 100 years and seasoned naturally in the open air for two years to preserve their porous texture - a quality that adds the spirit's intriguing depth

Distillery 2

While there are many perfectly good single malt whiskies made in shorter stills, the Glenmorangie Distillery utilizes swan-necked stills that are the tallest in Scotland at sixteen feet, ten and one quarter (5.14m) high.


The height means that only the lightest and purest vapours are able to ascend to the top and condense into spirit, contributing to Glenmorangie's distinctive and layered flavour.

The superiority of the ingredients - local spring water from its own Tarlogie spring and locally grown Scottish barley, combined with the skill of the craftsmen who follow the same, time honoured approach that the company has used throughout its long history, result in a smooth spirit of distinction.

Tarlogie Springs

Whether you are a single malt aficionado, a fan of contemporary design, or out of curiosity, make sure you're not missing out the oppurtunity to familiarize with all things "Unnecessarily Well Made" this April. Glenmorangie's SOUNDFORM Fluid bar will be showcased in the North Atrium of the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City from 11 April to 1 May 2012.

So, care for a drink lovelies?

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