Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unveiling the story of Glenmonrangie.

Glenmorangie's "Unnecessarily Well Made".

With multi-layered aromas and kaleidoscopic flavours which it stimulates the senses and entice the palate, Glenmorangie is arguably the most delicious and complex single malt whisky in the world.


The Glenmorangie distillery lies in the far north of Scotland, in the Royal Burgh of Tain, Ross-shire.


Single malt whisky obtains its flavour from the wooden casks used in maturation. Many of of them are made from white oaks grown on the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, USA.
Glenmorangie casks are only ever used twice, to ensure the optimal amount of flavour is extracted into the whisky.


The casks will then be stored in low stone-built buildings with earthen floors, permeated by fresh sea-air, a gentle local climate ensuring a steady path to full maturity. Over 100 years and seasoned naturally in the open air for two years to preserve their porous texture - a quality that adds the spirit's intriguing depth

Distillery 2

While there are many perfectly good single malt whiskies made in shorter stills, the Glenmorangie Distillery utilizes swan-necked stills that are the tallest in Scotland at sixteen feet, ten and one quarter (5.14m) high.


The height means that only the lightest and purest vapours are able to ascend to the top and condense into spirit, contributing to Glenmorangie's distinctive and layered flavour.

The superiority of the ingredients - local spring water from its own Tarlogie spring and locally grown Scottish barley, combined with the skill of the craftsmen who follow the same, time honoured approach that the company has used throughout its long history, result in a smooth spirit of distinction.

Tarlogie Springs

Whether you are a single malt aficionado, a fan of contemporary design, or out of curiosity, make sure you're not missing out the oppurtunity to familiarize with all things "Unnecessarily Well Made" this April. Glenmorangie's SOUNDFORM Fluid bar will be showcased in the North Atrium of the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City from 11 April to 1 May 2012.

So, care for a drink lovelies?

xo loves,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lam Mee Ya, Damansara Uptown

Exactly ten years ago, I moved out from my comfy zone (home) and stay into a hostel in a private school. Never stay more than 2 weeks ever since then. When I was a kid, I never learn to appreciate the home cook by mom (you never know what you have until you lose it); well I didn't lose it exactly but; the chances of eating home-cook are rare.

Dining out is always the best option for me - quick and easy, but it can sometimes be detrimental to health as well, and hence I always opt for something close to home-cook, with lesser MSG.

A great evening for dinner in Lam Mee Ya, Damansara Uptown with the fellas for a taste from Northern Malaysia - Lam Mee (Loh Mee).

Original Lam Mee, RM 9.80

I always prefer my bowl of noodle with thick broth; maybe it is not every person's thing so the chef modified it to a lighter taste which I find it could be compensate with adding in some vinegar.

Getting into the food that excites me from the night - home-cooked.
Steamed lady's finger, just like how my mom used to cook it; a really simple dish but I love it!


We were served with more varieties of home-cook dishes. I like almost every dish they have, in fact you could turn me into a happy kid by just giving me a bowl of rice and any one of the dishes.

Stew Pork with Potato, RM8.80

Pork Leg with Vinegar, RM13.80

Ginger Wine Chicken,
the taste of ginger is not too strong so I'm totally digging it in; in fact everyone fought for it and its gone within 5 minutes.


Ginger and Wine Omelette, RM8.80

Steam Egg Trio, RM7.80
One of my favourite dish at home, I'm lovin' the smooth texture of the steam egg, not too salty, especially perfect to go with a bite of rice!

Isn't this everyone's love? Steam Pork with Black Bean Sauce, RM8.80

Putting char siew, char siew chicken, chinese sausage, pork liver sausage and "choy sam" together, makes it a good bowl of barbecued rice! @ RM15.80


Couldn't squeeze in some time to drive up north to satisfy your crave for Chee Cheong Fun, available in Light Sauce, Mushroom Mixed Meat and Sweet Chili, satisfy your palate at any time.

Soy sauce with oil Cheong Fun, RM7.80

Mushroom with Minced Meat Cheong Fun, RM7.80

A glass of refreshing 100% pure fruit juice along the sinful dinner is simply heavenly! They have got numbers of choices on the menu price ranging from RM6.80 to RM8.80. You probably want to try out the bitter gourd with cucumber juice on the menu, it's....refreshing. :P


Dessert time.

Choc Mud Cake

Oreo Cheese Cake

Not a big fans of sweetness like the rest, so we had warm Banana Crepe with a scoop of ice cream instead. Perfect combination and its not too sweet, Imma happy kids!


A night with perfectly comfy homecook at;

Lammeeya Damansara Uptown
45G&47G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, P.J.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mr. Asahi, World’s First Robotic Bartender in Malaysia

Early last week, I attended the launch of Mr. Asahi, the world's first robotic bartender, presented by Asahi Super Dry - the No.1 Japanese beer around the World in Grand ballroom, Sunway Resort.

Asahi Logo

The first ever mechanical barman to make its way here will be touring the country to meet Asahi fans and celebrate the availability of Asahi in draught, pints and cans nationwide, brewed exclusively by Carlsberg Malaysia in Shah Alam.

Mr. Asahi, the world’s first robotic barman, is the brainchild of Japanese brewer Asahi.
The advanced bartender is capable of serving people in less than two minutes, saving the average person 13 minutes at the bar. Capable of pulling 300ml pints and opening bottles, Mr. Asahi can serve up to 16 half pints or bottles at a time.

Mr Asahi 1
Mr.Asahi at your service.

“Asahi Super Dry is a premium beer that ignites possibilities. Instead of just rolling out the range of Asahi Super Dry’s product packaging in a conventional fashion, we imported Mr. Asahi to create a unique drinking experience by offering a one of its kind interaction with beer lovers. By brewing Asahi Super Dry locally, Malaysians can now enjoy the beer at refreshment outlets nationwide as its product freshness is assured. It is also competitively priced in the premium beer segment,” commented Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.


The ultramodern robotic barman, Mr. Asahi is mobilized to go on a nationwide tour with a crew comprising of dancers, a DJ and a customized truck that unfolds into a mini party-space where ever he is. Consumers can order a beer from Mr. Asahi to try the clean, crisp and refreshing taste with no bitterness of Asahi Super Dry on draught and enjoy the entertainment and games lined-up to ignite all possibilities that one can anticipate from a premium beer.

MHB bloggers with Mr. Asahi

The expedition will take Mr. Asahi and his entourage to key market squares and commercial centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang for 30 days beginning April 15, 2012. Beer lovers will be able to catch Mr. Asahi in action from Wednesday to Saturday’s from 5.00pm onwards in selected locations and will be able to follow the Mr. Asahi trail by logging onto


Don't forget to check them out aite? :x


Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Night of Perfect Retro Funk by Glenmorangie

If “funk” could be associated with a color, it would definitely be a bright shade of tangerine as Glenmorangie took an inspired leap from the “orange” in its name to color The Hill’s second outlet, The Pool, in an arresting shade of citrus!

Taking the purveyor of single malt whisky out of gentlemen’s clubs and onto the glass countertops of The Pool, Glenmorangie turned up the retro-funk vibes at Kuala Lumpur’s newest nightspot along Jalan Ampang at its very first Orange Night party on a perfect Friday evening.

GMG4_Crowd enjoying the Orange Retro Funk

Glenmorangie Orange Night guests were treated to host Will Quah’s witticisms and “Unnecessarily Well Made” questions, which saw the audience winning exclusive Glenmorangie gifts and upping their knowledge of what it takes to make a barrel of Glenmorangie single malt scotch whisky.


Female models “dressed” in retro-inspired body paint added to the festive atmosphere as guests had a lively time getting their photos snapped with them! And of course, MHB members with Zana in her retro paint.


This beautifully seductive spirit originates in the heart of the Scottish Highlands where, at the Glenmorangie distillery, it is first captured by elegant, swan necked stills that are the tallest in Scotland, and then expertly matured in the finest oak casks.


Magical power of drawsomething.

with Douglas Lim

The bloggers


For those giving the Glenmorangie Orange Night a miss, look out for another not to be missed opportunity to familiarize with all things ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’. Come 11 April to 1 May 2012, Glenmorangie’s SOUNDFORM Fluid bar will be showcased in the North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.
Whether you are a single malt aficionado, a fan of contemporary design, or just plain curious, be sure to head to The Gardens to catch the SOUNDFORM Fluid, which is a striking yet sculpturally functional illustration of Glenmorangie’s ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ concept.

Kevin, myself, always naughty Dustyhawk and Andrew

Moving from retro funk to the future, Glenmorangie ambassadors unveiled the brand new Glenmorangie Facebook page. Single malt lovers and fans of arguably the most delicious and complex single malt whisky in the world can now access the page at to receive exclusive updates, events and promotions by Glenmorangie.


We surely had fun, adore our every sip on Glenmorangie that offers a heady and alluring experience in taste, texture and aroma; it is undeniably the most complex and perfectly balanced single malt.

Hmmmm.. the taste still lingers on..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012

Fresh from a record breaking series of sold out Australian festivals, Future Music Festival spreads its wings to Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in March 2012, received overwhelming response from the local and international visitors with all the endless fun, energy and forward thinking sounds!


First established in 2006, the massive Future Music Festival been engrained in the hearts of music and culture loving youth Australia and is deemed as an essential on the annual festival circuit.

The multi-award winning Future Music Festival is renowned not only for delivering the biggest acts in the universe, but also the brightest stars of tomorrow. World class acts that have graced their presence in past festivals include the biggest names in music!

This stellar list includes the likes of The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, New Order, Paul van Dyk, Steve Angello, Dizzee Rascal, N*E*R*D, MGMT, Ke$ha, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Fatboy Slim and more. Rest assured, Future Music Festival Asia will present their patrons with acts that carry the same caliber as its parent brand in Australia.


I have never been any of the rave party in town previously. Never understand
the idea of partying involves loud music in very spacious area with thousands of people. Either I'm away from the city, or stuck with some unpredicted issues.

Like many others, I get overly excited after anticipating it for days! :D Afterall, we are speaking of a 12 hours of non-stop partying featuring over 60 international, regional and local acts!

I arrived at the party around 8 in the evening and boy, the crowd was massive! The first performance I catch was Pendulum on Future Stage and it kicked-in real good and got us all jumping around with the beats!


They have got Flo-rida before us :/


Right. Standing in the middle of crowd, I wondered if I'm still in our Boleh Land or, Australia itself?



Besides Future Stage, there is Las Venus Stage, Gnome Stage and Flamingo Stage! FMFA absolutely turned on everyone's night with four fantastic stages where people can enjoy the ground-breaking music wherever they are!


Throwing in a funfair concept to the party, party goers could go for a ride on the ferris wheel for a view of entire festival venue; or better- reverse bungee!



Look at the huge layout of the festival, you know how far we need to walk from one spot to another. Which it reminds me of RULES #00 - Flat shoes/pair of comfortable sandals.

TimeOutKL says, if you wear anything with a heel longer than your pinkie, you’re asking for trouble. Flat sandals work better than flip-flops in this atmosphere but if you have any, ankle boots or high-tops will work well against the rain.


For more than one hour, the crowd anticipating The Chemical Brothers to charge up the night!


chemical brothers



Cheers to all of you party people!




Party to the wee hours of the morning with the partner in crime.


Fat Lou went without expecting this excellent performance and went home all psych up with the party rock anthem in head, literally. Re-live your FMFA moments from our official video, it looks sick as hell!

Was just wondering, did you have as much fun as I did? :x