Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stairway to Stardom - Part I

As if you know me in person, the self development workshop I've attended before was some IT and technological ones, due to the course that I'm taking and all, yea. So I was given the chance to attend the Dato' Anna Lim and Ms Amber Chia's 2days beauty and fashion workshop at PJ Hilton sponsored by Maxis.

My very first time taking part is such girlie thing! *jumps


It was a Saturday and you know for some reason, is just so sluggish for people to drag themselves out of the bed especially ME.

I was late.

First thing i did was went through the proposed program list and the speaker 's profile in the folder. Lit confession moment, 11 person was listed and i barely know any of them so i thought, omigod this is gonna be dull..


After a quick self-intro of everyone and we have Daphne Iking, famous TV host NTV7's The Breakfast Show to deliver a speech on Public Speaking. It was a great ice breaking session for everyone in the morning.
Her humorous way of delivering the message to us through her interesting stories of real life and the entire session was filled w laughter but nothing else.


Then it was Keith Kee telling the girls about sense of dressing, color categories and matching, styles, fashion, and etc. I honestly feel that the topics he was mentioning were too broad and mostly were so basic that i believe everyone had known for sure.

Though you can't denied there are people who can never do it right in color matching. :P


Then we have Ben Ibrahim on impromptu speaking, how do we prepare, plan the speech and engage our audience.

What i remembered most on his speech is, FIRST IMPRESSION DO COUNTS! :D


Don't mind about my scarf,

he is so cuteeee isn't he? :P


It was mid afternoon and everyone was yawning after lunch, it was rather dry listening to the speaker only!

Should i compliment that the program scheduler is smart enough to arrange the catwalk session by Amber Chia and Benjamin Tong at this time?



Yes, 7inch' high heels on him teaching us the proper way of walking to look better, and more confident.


Before any walking, you'll need to make sure you're standing straight. So, sticking the major points of your body on the wall is the best way to define the posture.


Chest up, shoulder push to back, bust up and there we go!



So our Lady Alie aka Ms.Pao seems to do really good in this session i guess?


Amber Chia was on her heels and i was with flat, I'm not that short after all? :P


A moment w the girls.

Second last session of the day, social skills & dining etiquette by Nazimah Ali. Behavior, self-image, manners, topic on your first date, omigod so much! Definitely something necessary for people like me, who always drop my dining spoon and speak too much non-sense, always! ~X(


Then we come to the last yet the most exciting session we've been waiting for - Art selection, pairing with food and wine tasting speech by Thomas Guldimann.


We was told about overall health benefits of wine drinking compared to whisky/beer. It decreases ovarian cancer risk, stronger bone structure and have lower risk of stroke. There is NO fat, cholesterol or dietary fiber in any wine!





So i guess is time to let go my forever lovely beer now? :-O


The day passed quickly and to my surprise, the day was fun and interesting! I must say how thoughtful(good) the organizer was, by arranging 15mins bio break for the guest after every session, we were constantly served with fruit juice, tea, coffees and snacks to keep us energetic! :)

So readers, stay tuned for second day programs on upcoming post alright!