Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dato' Anna Lim & Ms Amber Chia beauty and fashion workshop - part II

Attended day two of beauty and fashion workshop by Dato' Anna Lim and Ms. Amber Chia. You may not want to miss the good stuff from the first day too! click

*Note that not many photos were taken and they might be a little too dark. Sorry!

For the first session of the day, we had professional hair stylist Shawn Loong to deliver us the knowledge on daily hair care, suggestion of hair treatment to every present individuals, and recommendation of products that the girls should go for to keep their precious long hair.


Excuse me for a moment,
you should know that a cuppa hot tea definitely will do a great job to kick start your day!


15mins of bio break later, the upcoming talk seems to be the most interesting session for the girls, "Love & Relationship Challenges" by Teresa Chew.


2 hours of discussion on that and I went home gaining nothing from there. Maybe it was just me who don't agree with what they've said. Partly because we have different perception on how things should be, I guess.

They said "men are from Mars and women are from Venus".

Who is right or wrong, something out of my control.

Anyway, after a satisfying buffet lunch at the hotel lobby, Kee Hua Chee told us about "How to make yourself newsworthy" in 45mins!

I like him! Look at his outfit and the stunning accessories! Isn't that so cool omigod?


Afterward we have the three beauty queens - Dato' Anna Lim (Miss Malaysia/Universe 1990 & Mrs Malaysia/World 2004/05), Nadine Ann Thomas (Miss Universe Malaysia 2010) and Chantelle Chuah (Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2007) to share with us their experience of being a beauty queen.





Is not easy to be a carry the title ok. You will need to do a lot than expected!


Later on we had some smexy hawt lingerie talks by Evelyn Foo from Triumph, along with some lingerie modeling.

Guys, don't drip. =))




Two days workshop ended up with stress management by Bill Lewis.
Delivering the message how to manage your stress level, have some fun while you are stuck in the office and etc. It was fun, he put a smile on everyone face! :)


T H E  E N D.

* Hope that Maxis sends me the group photos at the end of the workshop for the presentation of certificate taken by their official photographer soon, so that I can publish them too! :)

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