Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opposite Attraction - The Black & White Affair

Black & White.

Black & White MySpace 3.0 Layouts

Speaking of two completely different individuals, things, matters, whatever.
She's out going, he's a bookworm; she likes shopping, he likes library; she's a vegetarian and he's a meat lover. Doesn't matter.

Do the diversity of difference between two creates the attraction and, what's gonna happen?


Yes, we're speaking about the hottest affair, black & white.

It was APIIT & UCTI annual prom night in Black and White themed held in Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Always have the thing in mind, that our college can't do anything right so never really bother to attend until i realize, this is gonna be my last year in college so why not give myself a chance to play a lit dress up w the girls?


Like no different from others, we had student's performances and buffet dinner was served. It all went fine except it was a little dull as we literally got nothing to do other than dining.No dancing, nothing that peoples can join, nothing, just eating.

Except the photography part where everyone loves.

w Soo Hwah.


Love from Kazakhstan, w Aiman & her sister.



Pei Chuan x Cheng Chao x Soo Hwah x Kok How x Ye Myat


Jackie x Louisexin x Uzi x Jerry



Oh yea, not forgetting some dancing session after the event.


Had a little fun photography session at the lobby afterward, I think that was the most interesting part of the night.


Look how attractive my affairs are?



Well I'm not complaining about the prom night cause the food was good, and they served gelato by Lecka-lecka! After all I myself is not capable to plan sucha big event successfully and most importantly, it is still a part of my memories in university w the bunch.

Finishing my bachelor's degree in about two months, well hopefully everything runs smoothly; not failing any subject or worse - the final project. Then imma be jobless!

God bless me.

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