Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taiwanese Stone Pot Steamboat @ Fong Lye, The Gardens.

I love steamboat. Best with the companion with love on a silent rainy night. 

I bet most of you are very familiar with all the buffet deals that most of the outlets are doing right now especially in Subang & Puchong area. Huge selection of ingredients but you can hardly find one that serves you the right quality, especially seafood. So given a choice, I still prefer ala carte menu that serve you just the right portion of quality food. 

We went to Fong Lye Fusion in The Gardens Mall some time ago to try their Taiwanese Steamboat. Ordered a course meal for 2 pax at RM 98.00 includes appetisers, steamboat material such as seafood, meatballs, vegetables and etc. 

Beautiful mixture of dipping sauce. 

Colourful appetisers that open up your appetite in one second! 

Complimentary appetiser: Jelly-O steam egg, crabmeat maki & spinach. 

Here comes our soup base in hot stone pot with spicy soup. For the package, you could choose either normal yin-yang pot or hot stone pot). Unlike the plain soup base you get in the other places, it comes with a pot full of vegetables, mushrooms, and others which make it savoury! I actually thought for a minute that every materials on the menu were inside the soup already. Surprisingly, it's not. 

Extremely "ho-liao" soup base.

Of course I was wrong.
You will get two bowls of fresh ingredients like prawns, clams, fish slices, squids and of course meatballs and fresh vegetables. My favourite? Egg dumplings. 

Say cheeeeese!


So, put everything (maybe not) into the pot and let the party begin! 
With each ingredients you add into the soup actually change the taste completely. The heavy soup base without anything was already heavenly but with the seafood and meat slices added that enhance the flavour, it was oh-so-yum! 

I personally love the shrimp & fish paste on the side that you made a little meatball into the soup. If you can't do it right, get the super friendly staff or even the restaurant manager would do it for you. 

Poor Angry Bird, nomnomnomx. 

Can't wait any longer.

Major love for everything we had. 
We didn't manage to finish everything unfortunately, I think it could serve up to 3 pax if you're not a big eater. Sure, you could order some other dishes like the tepanyaki to accommodate more people. I'll definitely go back to try some other courses on the menu soon!

RM 98 ++ for such generous portion of quality food and excellent service, I think you might want to give it a try too? :x

Hungry ghost, 
Louise Xin

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