Sunday, February 17, 2013

Give yourself a lit treat - Champagne brunch at Circus, Pavilion

He said  "Hey, wake up, let's go for something good for the Christmas eve morning, a little treat for ourselves on this joyful day." Hmmm, I wouldn't mind the gentle treats on my every grumpy morning. :)

It took me another two hours for to tear-away the ultimate bond with my beloved bed and pillows and ready for outing. We went to theeeeee (drum roll please) champagne brunch in Circus, Pavilion.


Suffering from a hangover on a Sunday morning after a havoc night out on Saturday night? You might need a blardy good bloody Mary or my choice, a glass of bubbly ones.
Moet Chandon free flow for four hours from 12pm - 4pm every Sunday with the scrumptious international buffet in the outlet, I smells fun.


I never like to start my drinks with empty stomach. I don't like seafood as well, not to mention that I never have the guts to feed on oyster before. So under the pressure of those fiery stares from a bunch of heartless people, I popped my cherry on ze-ultimate-bizarre-looking-creature-on-earth.

It was..... not bad. *Excuse me, you oyster lover*


Wide spread of seafood choices laying on the bar for your pick!
Pick your favourite?




My favourite of the day.





The risotto station. They serves you different type of risotto (ginger, chicken, etc) every different Sunday, so give yourself a shot. I'd say it's a MUST of the day before you dig into the dessert session.

There's a dessert bar in the restaurant displays the sinful pieces of evil.
I picked my Tiramisu to go w the bubbly.. it was lovely.


Two is better than one.



The food was overall great and I love the beef cuts,  and risotto!
Then again, the bubbly says it all.

I'm lovin' it.

Circus Sunday Hangover Brunch
International buffet with free flow of

  • Soft drinks and juices - RM 88.00 ++
  • Moet & Chandon - RM 228.00 ++
  • Dom Perignon - RM 868.00 ++ 

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p/s: Sorry for the lack of update and this long overdue post.
Late but still, wishing you loveliest Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year!

Cheers baby?


  1. cheers baby.. next time go party ajak me la..;P

  2. That skinless fish looks ummm interesting.... I will have all your share of oysters la.