Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello Two-O-One-Three!

Hello lovelies! First post of the year and yea, Happy New Year!

We just came back from 7 days holiday in Bali with NYE. There were numbers of disappointing issues and the rain! But we still manage to catch some laugh with the good companion. Anyway, we'll talk about this later.

So, 2012 had been an eventful year with too many parties, good and bad events, went through up and down but it was a very, very interesting year indeed.

A quick recap of the year, I changed my job, tasted the best food, lost my phone, a boyfriend from the roadside ( :P ), watched a rockin' concert for the very first time, several good vacations, parachute with love, oh my god how much I love the feeling of starring at the fantastic view from sky! Also did scuba diving for the first time, swim with dolphins, adopted two most lovely kitties that brought tons of cherish into my life and of course I met tons of new friends and good people!

Long story short, a really fruitful year with lotsa fun and yes, got a couple of ticks on my to-do-list before 30 years old. You know its never too early to have 'the list'.

Now, it would be great if I can achieve the mains in this year; or I should put it this way, I want these to happen!
  • Avoid getting drunk
  • Some serious saving and avoid end up with grass (you get what I mean) every month
  • At least 3 getaways 
  • Higher achievement on career
Loads more shoes, clothes and last but not least, happiness and laughter! 

The world hasn't end!
So, I hope 2013 is gonna rock up better and I know it will be. After all, we are young!

So let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun!

xo loves,

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