Tuesday, June 8, 2010

.story of mii & mii stomach.

TWO weeks of TWO months holiday been treating me so well that I'm starting to worry on HOW to fit myself into the clothes!! :-/
And that is of course because of my always greedy mouth and never full stomach!

Ikea Swedish meatballs - everyone's love! :>

Went to a chinese restaurant in town which served local China taste which i couldn't name them at all but absolutely delicious!

Butterflyz obsession - dumplings! Finished 20 of the juicy little thing at one time will never be a problem!

Then we have Vincent's treat for shabu shabu in Puchong :)

Its been some time since i last had this.. :D

Then we had Kaye's wedding party(which i don't have pictures), dinner, gathering with the diploma bunch of idiots, my days back in Port Dickson for mom's yummy home cook..etc so much that i couldn't name it all!

Tell me, how can i possibly not worry now?

Speaking of foods... I'm feeling for a muffin along w a cuppa hot coffee!!

Anyone? ;)

xo loves,

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