Friday, June 4, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk KL, 30th May

Attended Hennessy Artistry at Zouk days ago, thanks Helen for giving out the invitations for blogger :)

I was supa late! Was at the bestie's house for her bachelors party, which i'm gonna blog about it after this one. ;)

Partners of the night, ma butterflyz boi & Hitomi

Trying to camwhore at the mirror but FAILED badly! /XD

Met the long time no see face, David! The most friendly and helpful person in Zouk!

The mixing zone for the guests :)
Apple, Ginger, Citrus, Berry. Anyway you like it to be!

The on going performance by the artists on the stage

Bumped into more familiar faces.
Jeannie & mii

The girls...



Free flow Hennessy of the night, which got me so drunk :P

You have no idea how hard to ask this fella to get into PHOTO!
Blame stupid uncle Josh!

Went upstairs Barsonic to meet the bloggers.
Esther & I, after sooooooooooo long!

Josh Lim

Candid shoot of Hitomi and Josh. *oh pls don't kill me for this*

I think i shall end the post with this :P


xo loves,


  1. hahaha// u semakin lenglui n charming lah...
    hehehehe.. long time no chat with u d,
    how r u nw? cool? study? still in love? hahahha...

  2. omg, i really have to beat you next time...what an ugly photo!!

  3. ed, thk you so much :))

    hitomi, bleck....!