Thursday, January 21, 2010

First vacation on 2010 with loves!

There go the first vacation on the first weekend of new tiger year with family ! :x

Genting Highland, a place where most of u familiar with or probably to a point where feel bored with it already. But, location doesn't really matter as long as you are with the loves one right?

Ma geekiie boi :)

Dawdling around most of the time since i'm still not legalize to enter casino, I'M YOUNG babeeeeh!!!

Zoe da sweet seventeen, didn't see her for month only i felt that she changed a lot.
Was it just an illusion or human grow up too fast? ~X(

And of course, my lit princess charming were there too! :D

Believe it or not? This is my first time entering Ripley's eventhough it was there since so long ago!

With a lot of pictures and story board, nothing much special though.

Chinese tell time by the eyes from a cat. Is that for real? Tell me!!

Present you ma cutie dutch girl!

Michelle da modern mummy & Zoe.

Leave after lunch time and dropped by Chin Swee Temple for a while requested by the folks.

Young boy, trust me you are still too early for this!

Maybe just mi being too outdated that i don't know kids these days started to own a cellphone at da age at 3?

Last but not least, a shoot with all the Mr&Mrs&Ms Chok ! >:D<

See ya Genting! :-h

Now, whats next ? ;;)


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