Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to the brand new withLouise ♥


Everyone is setting their new year resolutions and hoping that this year gonna be better than the previous one. I think i don't have any in mind, besides... throw a few thousand grams of fats away perhaps? Yes!! I know, same thing for every year but can never fulfill even just a single bit. :D :P

Decided to give the blog a brand new look yet kinda messed it up by deleted a few elements of page,the link list, the pics, even the blog header. =((
**Please comment or mail me to leave ur blog url for relink alright? =)

Browsing through the blog template available on web, instead of killing myself slowly with editing the CSS, i rather get the downloaded one, nice and easy! Life is all about simple no? Especially for lazy person like mii :D

Many of you been asking me why is E missing from withlouis.blogspot
God knows why !! I have no idea what's wrong with me at that time :D U know! the lit brain sometime doesn't function well, or at all time? ~X(

This time, louis with an E! never missed it again ;;)

Are u ready to start the new journey with me readers ?


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