Sunday, January 24, 2010

Da blogger r so in the mood to bloooooog!

You know i really love the bed time-talking session every night, because i always managed to explore something new or some surprising truths!! Though we gotta accept that fairy tales doesn't play the role all the time, needa admit that heart sucking moment does happen!!

But it's definitely heart-melting when get to know something that i always thought it will happen in movie or dreamland only are falling on me.

Don't worry i'm not gonna tell the grandpa/grandma long story. But i really really wanna express how much i feeeeeeeeeeeel now! Butterflies all over me! Like something which can keep me jump and shout around like a crazeeE women for hours! :>

U feel me now?! Yes then great!! No? Nevermind! YEA! Blame the butterflyz maker!!!

* * *

Mr.Anonymous, who commented on my blog post some time ago,

Thank God for make his "wish" came true and brought him to me, made us friend and what we are today,
thank U for hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend...for filling my life with joy and laughter and loving me without an end... :">


Good night peoples!



  1. god damn fat larh ~haha

    so how???potrait shoot on u??today loh???i'm free today..haha

  2. hahaha. where got people so random one.
    i got class n stuff to do le.
    lets meet up one of the weekend. :D