Thursday, January 28, 2010

CNY is so SOON! ;)

Yellow people! ;)

What do u usually do in class?being a cool student taking notes and pay much attention to the lecturer?
Hmmmm. What if the lecturer is doing nothing or probably he/she busy with something on hand and we are having tooooo much free time?



Need not to tell me i look plumpy here! I knew it! [-(

Dragged da boi with me of course!

Trying to look skinny a lit?? TOTALLY FAILED.

By the way, Chinese New Year coming in 17 days, exactly on da lovely V-day!! Do u feel the great ambiance around already? Well, the shopping mall at least.

But we seems can't have fun as much as we used to enjoyed back in childhood. Or maybe i'm the only one who felt this way. Yet i really miss the time running around with the relatives though. :O)

But what u wouldn't miss out during the celebration?!
Holiday with soft drinks, home made cookies, spring rolls, snacks, etc and most important one,mom's super yummiie home cook! =P~

And of course the big red packet > ANG PAU !! :D

Can't wait any longer!


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