Monday, December 17, 2012

WithLouise @ Phuket, Thailand

Three months of flight tickets booked in advance and we finally made it to our nearly ten days trip to Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi in Thailand.
It was definitely not a pleasant wake up call to catch the first flight of the day on 7a.m. after a party night out at the finale party of MIGF; but we still manage to gather everything at 4 in the morning and off we go to the beautiful lands!

It takes only approximately one hour to arrive and what the hell, I'm lovin' what's in front of my eyes already!


It took us almost 3 hours to go to the hotel from air port because of the bus transportation and stopping at information centre by the tourist company (that probably trying to squeeze the money out of your pocket).
But all the grumpiness and heat was taken off the moment we stepped into our villa; we rented The Village Resort & Spa at Karon Beach from Agoda at a reasonable price for a villa with one bedroom, living room, shower room, and a walk-in closet + cosmetic room for the next three days!

Get everything settled and we took a 5 minutes walk to Kata beach which is located just in front of our hotel.


Colleagues was telling me how inappropriate season that I chose to go (early November) due to the rainy season. They were well, kinda right but we managed to spend a few hours by the beach for the first sunshine. :)

Karon Beach



My sunshine boy enjoying his tanning session. 

Couple of hours later we decided to go around the island. Not to my surprise, the cab/tuk tuk fare in Thailand is ridiculous expensive! So we took a bike from the hotel for only 350 batt a day.

At Kata Beach.

Heard and read many posts on the internet that mentioned the pancakes in Phuket is a "must" try items and so we did. Wonder if it's because we were both starving after the beach session, I'm usually not a big fan of sweet items but man, it was delicious!

Banana Pancake.

Drove further down the street and we were trying to locate one of the view point around. Without proper guidance, we actually took a lot of wrong routes and finally decided to land our legs at Reggae to catch the sunset.

Reggae Bar 

No regrets, the view was breathe-taking. Eyeing the sunset with one end (Phromthep) to the other (Kata) was simply blissful.





Then we took a slow ride to Patong which is famous for the night life, well probably only to the guys if you get what I mean. :P



We randomly found a restaurant that's hidden from the main street - Sabai Beach! :D

First simple Thai dinner by the beach but it was lack of the kick of the spiciness; only to find out later that most of the restaurant tuned down the spice level in the food to cater the tourist taste bud.
You might need to emphasize that you like your food with local taste to the waiter/waitress, then only they will serve the authentic ones to you.

Clear soup seafood Tom Yum. 

Pad Thai.

Of course, pineapple fried rice. 


The food was nothing impressive but with seafood, fishes and a lot more that cost lesser than RM 100, you couldn't ask for anything more. It was a really, really long day when you woke up at 4 a.m and yea, we went back at 9 p.m. (8pm in KL) like grands.

So, ciao for now and stay tuned for our islands hoping trip yay?


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