Saturday, December 22, 2012

Carlsberg MY & Luen Heng F&B Annual Party @ Sunway Surf Beach

Even though working in this company can be quite the pain in the ass, sometimes; we do enjoy it every once in a blue moon. For example, party where we don't actually need to work. Gathered up to 2000 staffs including central and outstation birds in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Carlsberg Malaysia and Luen Heng F&B threw one hell of a party again to reward all the hard work from everyone throughout the year.

Long programme list to run down for the night and I must say the most entertaining part is the performance competition from 8 different team that represents different brand of product that we carry. Well, time for some monkey show! I'm not sure if this count as fortunate or the other way, I was included in the performance team.

And our call is? Asahi.


My colleague cum the 'director' had scheduled a rehearsal every once a week for a month. So the hell begin. It was not because of the performance sucks, it was because I was suffering from too much laughter during the rehearsal!


Everything went perfectly well until we actually change the entire concept into a Japan Super Hero party.
The day one brought the rented costume and .... You'll see.


My usually serious but not so serious manager instantly upgraded to my super hero!


Different rounds of trying and we finally came up with a decision.
The ultra-man, SailorMoon, naked Sumo, Geisha, and a Joker out of no where. -_-"   (TELL ME YOU'RE NOT LAUGHING!)


So the day finally arrived and we did a round of rehearsal on the stage. Spot the PSY on the stage? If only my boss can stay still, sometimes.


We're back to the exact spot 2 hours later but with a much cooler stage and couldn't help but thinking, are we really gonna do that stunt? Well it was nothing..nothing but a tiny stage with three projector to feature your ugly face into 2 thousand people. :S


A perfect example for the 'must' featured face.


Hide behind the stage for an hour is usually ok but under the rain?! :/ We had pint after pint of Jagermeister instead of beer. Probably the largest cuppa Jager I've ever seen in my life.

It took me a while to decide if I should put up the video but I think you guys deserve a good laugh after the whole grandma story of preparation and all. Or, just a good laugh with Louise and tell me what do you think about it?  :)

To our surprise, we won the grand prize of the night for RM2000. Boss decided to top it up with extra $$ just because we made him proud! Well well well, perhaps we are not that bad after all.


Boss :)

We were shooting the boss with water gun all night long and we thought, why not throw him into the water directly? Not gonna tell you if we did or not but, it was surely a havoc night!

Year end approaching, how's your party?

Party rock,
Louise Xin