Monday, July 16, 2012

Because we need a break.

I assume most of you don't know what I work for a living; sales exec for alcohol supplying to majority of restaurants, pubs & clubs, and hotels in town. Very cool, you must have thought. Wrong! It is unbelievably tiring and stress! More than twelve hours at work by covering over hundreds of outlets monthly is definitely not as pleasant experience.

Therefore I need a break!



Two weeks ago, we took an evening drive up North for a peaceful weekend, I was rather impressed by my ability of driving that far. :P Spent a night in Penang before Langkawi. Seven years since my last visit here.

2012-06-30 23.17.08
Langkawi Lagoon Resort 

Arrived around 12pm, which was too early for hotel check-in and it leaves us wondering around the hotel in totally remote area without much activities. Feeling grumpy and hunger strikes at the same time, we decided to rent a car to tour around.

2012-06-27 14.27.43

Drove to Pantai Cenang which is just 10 minutes away, we went for a real exciting ones - parachute and jetski. Unforgettable memories watching the boy get hype-up with his ride. What's more exciting to me was the parachute. Ride the wind under the parachute, we were thrilled by the beauty from hundreds of feet above the sea.

2012-06-30 23.13.18
1 out of the to-do list before I die, checked. 

Big boy enjoying his sunshine. 

All the grumpiness were gone by the time we got back to hotel, happily checked-in and off we head to the pool before the sun goes down. In fact there was what we spent most time during the stayed.



2012-06-30 23.18.41


Sea Village Studio Water chalet 

Before heading out for dinner.

Take a walk by the sea side in the morning, all chilled-out and relaxed. 





Two days one night that passed in a blink and although it short ones but we most definitely enjoyed it. 



Blissful weekend it was, now back to battlefield as we were speaking, not at least until year end maybe for another trip. 

Till then, xx. 



  1. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the work :) Hopefully another holiday break will be sooner than you thought!