Monday, July 9, 2012

Obsession? Furless, be fearless.

Like many other girls, we all have a little secrets for something to keep ourself beautiful yet refreshing. Beauty salon, hair dressing, pedi/medi and of course the painful treats - waxing. (How do you think girls manage to pull off the bikini's look? )

Popped my cherry of experiencing waxing was few months back then, suggested by the bff @KellySiew. Anxious yet excited as a first timer, it surprisingly turned out just fine but the pain was shocking!

So I went to several waxing salon and of course, not every outlet is a good one (some do double dipping which is extremely unhygienic and etc) and I came across Furless.

Hairless? Furless.


Furless, located in ground floor of Block B Jaya One (walk towards left if Brussels is on your right),  providing beauty, spas and personal care to girls and boys.

The superb friendly owner of Furless, Aprel understand the fear in some girls for their first time experience, she emphasize that painless treatment is very important and they do take longer time than the rest; to ensure the treatment is carry out perfectly. I was told that they uses three different types of wax for different types of hair depending on individual.


Products used by Furless.


Notice the different from the ones I used to visit, they have three different pot instead of just one, consisting three different types of wax. Pink for the sensitive skin; green for long hair; orange for short hair.


The spa attendant was very experienced and friendly by explaining all products she's gonna use before proceeding to the treatment. She takes time to ensure that everything was clean and good, also constantly check if I'm comfortable with the temperature and can I bare with the pain. Mii likey!


Spotted this cute little thing aside? I don't really know what this is but it is for a cooling treatment after the waxing; together with the refreshing milk and gel to reduce the redness and pain.


I wonder, was it because of the wax or the machine (maybe the combination of both); to be honest I don't feel much pain compare to the ones I visited before, which was pretty much close to 'painless'.
Overall I really like the environment and services there;  plus the price is affordable (providing  which I will definitely visit again. :)


Now, be fearless and carefree.

Furless Waxing
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
72A Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Msia.

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