Friday, April 13, 2012

Lam Mee Ya, Damansara Uptown

Exactly ten years ago, I moved out from my comfy zone (home) and stay into a hostel in a private school. Never stay more than 2 weeks ever since then. When I was a kid, I never learn to appreciate the home cook by mom (you never know what you have until you lose it); well I didn't lose it exactly but; the chances of eating home-cook are rare.

Dining out is always the best option for me - quick and easy, but it can sometimes be detrimental to health as well, and hence I always opt for something close to home-cook, with lesser MSG.

A great evening for dinner in Lam Mee Ya, Damansara Uptown with the fellas for a taste from Northern Malaysia - Lam Mee (Loh Mee).

Original Lam Mee, RM 9.80

I always prefer my bowl of noodle with thick broth; maybe it is not every person's thing so the chef modified it to a lighter taste which I find it could be compensate with adding in some vinegar.

Getting into the food that excites me from the night - home-cooked.
Steamed lady's finger, just like how my mom used to cook it; a really simple dish but I love it!


We were served with more varieties of home-cook dishes. I like almost every dish they have, in fact you could turn me into a happy kid by just giving me a bowl of rice and any one of the dishes.

Stew Pork with Potato, RM8.80

Pork Leg with Vinegar, RM13.80

Ginger Wine Chicken,
the taste of ginger is not too strong so I'm totally digging it in; in fact everyone fought for it and its gone within 5 minutes.


Ginger and Wine Omelette, RM8.80

Steam Egg Trio, RM7.80
One of my favourite dish at home, I'm lovin' the smooth texture of the steam egg, not too salty, especially perfect to go with a bite of rice!

Isn't this everyone's love? Steam Pork with Black Bean Sauce, RM8.80

Putting char siew, char siew chicken, chinese sausage, pork liver sausage and "choy sam" together, makes it a good bowl of barbecued rice! @ RM15.80


Couldn't squeeze in some time to drive up north to satisfy your crave for Chee Cheong Fun, available in Light Sauce, Mushroom Mixed Meat and Sweet Chili, satisfy your palate at any time.

Soy sauce with oil Cheong Fun, RM7.80

Mushroom with Minced Meat Cheong Fun, RM7.80

A glass of refreshing 100% pure fruit juice along the sinful dinner is simply heavenly! They have got numbers of choices on the menu price ranging from RM6.80 to RM8.80. You probably want to try out the bitter gourd with cucumber juice on the menu, it's....refreshing. :P


Dessert time.

Choc Mud Cake

Oreo Cheese Cake

Not a big fans of sweetness like the rest, so we had warm Banana Crepe with a scoop of ice cream instead. Perfect combination and its not too sweet, Imma happy kids!


A night with perfectly comfy homecook at;

Lammeeya Damansara Uptown
45G&47G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, P.J.