Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the hell is going on?!

Hello guys,

I posted a picture on facebook and I've got myself tons of phone calls and messages asking what happened to me. Since what I can do for next couple of days is sticking in one position on bed, I figure I should just blog it out as answering the calls and messages. (Yes I can type, I can walk around too, it's just that the blood flow is a lit annoying when I move.)


*Taken once i got awake >.< still weak

Sorry that I did not pick up any of your call, because it is really inconvenient for me to talk.
First of all I did not met any accident, don't worry. :)

Instead I went for a minor surgery, sinus surgery. Like taking off for a short vacation, get what I mean?


*taken before the surgery

I never know how it is feels to breath through nose. Never. Not since I was a kid.
I remember dad brought me for a check up when I was really young, like around 8? Not quite sure when was it, but it was 80% blocked at that time. So imagine after 10+ years, what would it be now?

Went for a check up again, I only remember doctor asking me : "How do you breath all these years? Can you even smell?" LOL!

So yea, you know how bad it is.

I'm in a lit bit of pain right now, can't talk much, lotsa bleeding. I can't move much, can't laugh, once I did and I can feel the hot flow rushing out. And I can't blow my nose and I can only spit out the blood through my mouth. So what I do is sleep through days and nights.

I must warn you that these has brought me a really bad temper too cuz the bleeds is really getting my nerves on.

But really appreciate to the messages and calls,

Especially a few "you know who you are" who acc me thru chatting all this while, you must know that I'm really, really bored staying on bed.

I wish all the pain is worth paying after a month so that I can breath like a normal person for once.
Wish me luck!

That's all for now. Love ya' all.

xo loves,


  1. Speedy Recovery!!! Think positive, like how you'll be able to BREATHE AGAIN!! :D :D

  2. Thanks Kelly! Will catch up with the gang asap! :D

  3. who is the "you know who you are" ? Get well soon babe

  4. ic, this is the whole happening. so sory do those silly asking, hope u are recover very very soon, ok? i will pray for u, my friend! have a good rest and take good care, ok?
    GBU always.