Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

It was 11.30 in the morning.
As much as I would really like to stay in bed and laze off the day, I've got no option but to drag miiself out of da bed after 30minutes of rolling. Stared at pile of clothes that stacking up since weeks ago, sigh.

Sunday here it is.

Looking at the camera that has been left aside, it was all covered by layer of dust, when was the last time since I bring you out? Grab it along then off we go to brunch.

To your surprise, I'm putting on jeans again. Couldn't recall when was the last time I see it, it was deeply buried, being forgotten, left aside, until yesterday. Still one comfortable piece, just like how it was. Perfectly suits a lazy Sunday outing.


So much has happen recently. Sometimes I thought I'm on a roller coaster that will never come to an end. Endlessly going up and down, tiring.
It's Sunday in a gloomy weather. Not so much a sweet tooth person but today, I'm taking a break. Indulge self's appetite for sweets. Forget the tense on weight scale. Best remedies to relives oneself from yesterday pain.



After all, I just want to pick up my smile again.

Lazy Sunday, home sick attacked.

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