Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday #2

Lazy Sunday is here again.
Unusual leg cramps at night is driving me nuts. Sleepless nights, oh gawd.

The seventh month in Chinese lunar calendar, hungry ghost month it is. I was told not to go out till late, best to lock myself at home, as much as I wanted to say that's so ridiculous but you know rite, the folks are just worry.

Good and bad news is coming everyday. Tough one but it makes a good balancing. :D
Skip the bad ones, I'm getting my new loves soon, probably in a week time. Sister has been calling everyday to make sure I'm aware of it. Days of begging and tortures are ending so soon.

Results are all out, made all the efforts (or should I say years of goyang) worthwhile. Convocation coming up next month. After 15years of schooling, my day is finalleh coming!

Sorry if this post didn't find you well. I just need a way to pour my feelings out.
It kills to realize there is no one that I could talk to.

In the need for another vacation, again. Go solo this time?
Take me away, please.

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