Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fifteen Hours.

Not sure whether it was because of the rising pressure from work, or any build up little issue back home is bothering me. I rant, I rage easily, I then start thinking too much - negatively.

I want to talk. I need to talk. The repeating dream every night, it is driving me nuts.
In a office that is full of products, in a bed that's filled with papers, and I was running in a jungle made from numbers. Eyes are everywhere, mostly staring with disagreement.
It must be the year end thingy.

Well, one more week.
Ending the year end sales meeting, just another week to go - for the very little details to be done for closing. I want this to be over quickly!

I think I should go for a real shopping spree to kick these nonsense off.

15 hours till year 2015, tic toc.

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