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9 Things To Do in Bali.

Gosh! The weather that burns lately is driving me nuts! 
Don't forget to drink more water and have a lot a lot a lot a lot of ice cream okie lovelies? :x
I couldn't help but recall our trip to Bali back in December 2012. Eventhou the rainy days didn't treat us well but what the hell, I could really use some love from rain God right now! 

So, if you're going on a trip to Bali. Here are the tips. 

1. Swim with Dolphins
One of the most ridiculous yet hell of an unique experience in life was the day R and I decided to swim with Ricky, our new best friend! It is not unusual to swim with dolphins in Bali as there are many agencies that offer you packages and etc. But why did I mention the word r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s? Because we jumped into the usually-friendly deep sea in it's unusual-cold temperature under the rain. :( 

We were brought to a floating sea pen in the ocean in a long tail boat that takes approximately 15 minutes. 
I was of course cursing like F because of the weather! But the moment we got introduced to Ricky, the cutest baby on earth! I almost forgot about the cold and shiver and cheated on R right in front of him! 

We hugged, kissed, played, and so much moreeeee. 
I never imagined I'll have such close contact with a dolphin in my life. The entire tour took us approximately 3 hours including shuttle for 79 Dollars/person. Like I said, it was a hell of a lifetime experience! 


I miss you dearly, Ricky!

2. See Uluwatu
There is a small temple on the cliff. You can google the story of the temple.
It is fine if you don't want to go visit the interior of the temple (crowded like no one's business), but you simply can't skip the magnificent cliff view that lays in front of you!





Be careful with the monkeys, they do steal!

3. Visit the shopping district in Seminyak
The street that gathered most of the high end spas & boutique lots from both sides of the road. You'll fall in love with the creative designs of each store; chic and trendy. 
Shopping or window shopping its up to you. But spending an afternoon there or more will never do you wrong. 

Fluffy pillows oh so love!

How do you like my new flip flops?


There are tons of restaurants, pubs or cafes door to door. 
Comfy atmosphere is always my pick. 
We walked into a neighbourhood-style coffee shop that reminded me of Artisans Coffee after spending hours exploring the street. 

Anomali Coffee @ Seminyak, Bali.


Latte latte @ Rp 25,000.00 


Beautiful Salmon sandwich, fresh ingredients unfortunately the taste was off  probably because of the sauce. 

Random pic that I thought it looks quite cool.

4. Visit Potato Head & Ku De Ta
Because it is a MUST. 
Yes, you must see the windows, you must hear the sea waves hitting on shore, you must have dinner or at least a drink in either or both of them! Why? - Because you need to #takepicha! 
Simply for - show off purposes. *runsss*


Skip the shit. 
I think it's great to spoil yourself once or twice during vacation. Yes, the prices at both places were a little high for Bali standards but what the hell, where else could you spend the night with delectable drinks on sunbeds by a huge pool facing the sea? Go at sunset hour, you'll have no regrets. 


Our dinner at Lilin's, Potato Head.



5.  Street Food
Street food often captures the character of the country.
The daily supply and fuel for life for the locals. It usually comes under a tent anywhere on the street, or as a motorbike with carriage with an attached light bulb; selling you the real taste of the country. If you take a second to doubt about it, you have no idea what you're missing.


My fav - Bakso

6. Balinese Massage
I don't know what you will be doing in Bali if you missed this.
Take one or two hours break and visit the massage centre. It is SO MUCH BETTER and cheaper compared to goddamn KL, price as low as RM 20 or slightly above depending on places and services you pick.
Tell me its expensive and I will __________ you.




7. Visit Tanah Lot
Although highly commercialized, it definitely deserves this ranking.
So beautiful it almost took my breath away.
[Read More]






8. Visit Ubud, the city that features art and culture.
Browse through the local markets and have some fun bargaining for your best deal. Spend some time at the boutiques too, there are tons of beautiful steals waiting for you just around the corner.


Stargate; an unordinary gold & silver shop that customize unique pieces of jewellery.
Met some people who came all the way from Europe or others just to customize their favourite design of jewellery; lovely.




9. Go to the beach.
Although not as beautiful as some other gorgeous islands that you've visited before, Bali reserves some less crowded secluded beaches that are worth the dip. :P
I love staring at the black sand beach during sunset, it perfectly reflects everything in it's own way.


No I'm not narcissist, I wasn't looking at my own reflection. :P

Looks familiar?

They usually say 'last but not least' or 'keep the best to the end'.
In my case, I couldn't decide which attraction would deserve the last/best spot.
Kopi Luwak or Barong and Kris Dance? For this, please read my previous post. [Read]

Bon Voyage,

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