Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine, Jln P.Ramlee

I'm always a big fan to Japanese food, not every one of them but those who serve fresh food and I can be especially picky when it says 'authentic'. This one? They said it loud "The Best Japanese in Town!", sounds a little cheeky don't they? But I've heard many good comments from friends and colleagues (she's handling the account) so I thought we should give it a try since it's only 10 minutes away from home.

It's sort of located in Menara TA in Jalan P.Ramlee, it is kinda hidden that you might missed it without paying attention. So yea, it took the blur-fish some time to get into the parking (open car park on the right).


Walked into a wide dining area with open-concept kitchen, we were greeted from the staff and got our seat behind a private partition.



Glanced through the menu and I saw Bashashi (raw horse meat)! Not many Japanese restaurant in KL serve this and I thought it was a little too wild for my taste so we skipped it.
So first on the table we had my all time favourite - Edamame bean (RM 9).


1 Chawanmushi (RM 8) for each of us, it took them a while to prepare this but man it was hell lotsa tickle to my tastebud! The flavour from each ingredient in it was so strong and fresh! I usually leave the ginkgo seeds cuz most of the time what I got was weird in taste but I actually gulp the entire bowl down. Probably the best I've ever had.


California Maki (RM 19), no one can ever do this wrong, am I right? :)


Spicy Fire Tuna Maki (RM 28), fear not the fire. It is not at all like it's name. There were some Korean spicy pickles and spices which taste more sweet than spicy to us. But still, the taste actually blends well with each other so we're more than happy to have it.


Sushi & Sashio Moriawase - Kiku standard grade (RM 95), includes tako, tuna, salmon, white tuna, hotate, tamago, and more! We definitely enjoy them with the ultra kick from the fresh grind wasabi. Though I heard from my colleague, they have air-flown delivery twice a week (on Monday and Thursday if I'm not mistaken), so better option for you to visit on one of these two days.



Soft Shell Crab Spicy Age (RM 28) - crunchy bites with teriyaki sauce then again, it wasn't spicy that I'm guessing the definition of spicy is different between me and the Japanese. Or it wasn't suppose to be spicy that it's just a name? Correct me please?


We ordered a special of the month from the tent cards placed on table, Wagyu something (RM 68) I can't remember but I think it was American wagyu that it was too dry and wasn't up to expectation.


Top the night with a bottle of Sake to your best satisfaction I would say. That "the best" comment is of course up to personal opinion, overall it was really a great dinner and we will definitely go back for more!

Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine
Menara TA One, Ground Floor,
22, Jalan P.Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.

Yummy hugs,

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