Saturday, November 3, 2012

Esquire Malaysia’s Best Dressed Real Men @ Circus KL

Men: "Dress up seems simple. Dress up is easy."

Wrong! That's the most common mistake in most of the people especially some young men who lives without a clue how to dress! Well that could be pain in the eyes, sometimes. :P
Dressing does not make a man but I always believe the right outfit enhance your personal image with a perfect touch, and you make the girl falls. 

The second year of Esquire Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Men, a Malaysia take on the Esquire UK's "Britain's Best Dressed Real Men" competition that started three months ago finally announce the winner in a super dramatic style in KL's hottest venue, Circus.


Over 200 contestant for judge over the months and yes it was a night to savour with eye candy.

Just so you know, prizes for winners include bespoke tailored suits by Wardrobe, vouchers for luxury brand like Lustro, Leica cameras, Storm London watches and Penhaligon perfumes and a party by Kronenburg 1664 in The Pool that sum up to RM20,000.00 . (WTF! Where's the Best Dressed Women competition?)

It was a rainy night but it doesn't stop the guests flowing into Circus for the great party. Over 200 pax of invited guest in the house including media, celebrities, and all the beautiful people in town who came in their best dresses, amazingly phewit! :-B


The paper bow tie on each table in  that smells heavenly from Penhaligon's perfume and the restaurant magically smells awesomeee throughout the entire night. 
Oh my how much I love the scent!


Editor in Chief of Esquire Malaysia & Singapore and Amber Chia.

The Best Dressed Real Man Malaysia is based on a key fashionpillar in the UK, Britain's Best Dressed Real Man, and has run to much fanfare in London. As such, it asks normal, non-celebrity men to send in their photos, demonstrate their fashion sense, be that with luxury brands or just interesting combinations that spell STYLE.

So 200 contestants, nights of judging, fighting and throwing of plates and glasses, we've got the winners of the Best Dressed Real Man 2012; Roslan Said!


Roslan SaidDesign Associate43was crowned as Malaysia’s Best Dressed Real Man 2012 and receives bespoke tailoring from Wardrobe, a Leica compact camera, a Storm London watch of his choice, Penhaligon’s Perfume, Lustro vouchers and best of all, a framed picture of his Esquire shoot. “Roslan carries himself well. I liked that he was older and willing to join a competition where he knew that most of the competition would be young dudes. He still brought it to the table, out-dressed the others and also knew what he was talking about,” said Rudy La Faber, 2011 Best Dressed Real Man.

From right: 
Winner - Roslan Said
First runner up - Saiful Hifzudeen
Second runner up - Albert Liaw 
Honorary mentions - Edmund Kuah. 

Merry goes round the entire place and all I can see was happy faces! Cheers to that.



And here's my happy partner and I wonder what was up that we were both laughing like idiots.
Maybe some hawt guys said HI etc. :P


Excuse me that Nazeen was busy checking the guys instead of smiling to the photographer. *ehem*


Fruitful night. lol :x

Thanks Esquire Malaysia and mii lovely Nazeen for the invitation!

xx loves,


  1. LOL~~!~~ I was checking out the tourists trying to get in to get a free drink! :)