Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pierre Ledent - Belgian Luxury Chocolates

Fatso is officially knocked down; flu, asthma, and cough is literally taking my life away. I have no other choice but to hide two days at home for recovery. Not a bad idea since I won't be able to do much after taking the medication that put me into snooze mode for all day long.

Anyway, that gives me some time to laze around and bloggie time! I was browsing through the photo gallery in the hard disk and I recall there is this world's perfect food that I must share with you lovelies, chocolates!

I was offered to join a chocolate tasting by Kelly on one fine Saturday afternoon. I was never a big fans of sweet but who would refuse the temptation of chocolates?

Anti-social us.

Belgian chocolates for what it's famous of the world's best chocolate for well over a century,  has been a lure for lovers, I believes every different pieces are created for different mood and occasions.

Pierre Ledent, the awards winning luxury chocolatier from Belgium, surely know how to pick a great location. Located in Jason's food hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre, giving you one of most luxury chocolate specially air flown all the way from Belgium.


We were given three different chocolates for tasting with a hot cuppa dark coffee in Chinoz BSC;
Starlet (Ganache bitter), Star (Praline almonds) and Rubens (Caramel sesame).


I simply love the orgasmic melts in my mouth, to my surprise Pierre Ledent's chocolates are not too sweet compare to other chocolates that I've tasted before. Wise choice of pairing with coffee to bring out the maxima explosion on your every single taste buds. Drools.

I was wondering, wouldn't it be excellent if they pair it with one fine cognac too? Later then I find out that they have prepared a really unique taste of chocolate, Ballotine with praline spicy to pair with a special brew of Belgium Ale that they brought in. It perfectly brings out and enhance the spiciness of the chocolate; it was different. and only bottle for sharing among all of us, man that really got me hanging. :P


Chocolate as a treasure should be well taken care of or offered to someone, very thoughtful of Pierre Ledent   who treats every single piece of his chocolates like precious jewel; he turned the packaging design into a luxury jewel box. Not only do they look great with their signature presentation but the chocolates taste divine too. The ones who were to received must be truly blessed to be treated as such precious love.



We were told that Pierre Ledent have over 100 outlets in Japan itself, selling thousands of chocolates especially during Valentines day when the girls are giving them lucky b**t**ds.
But at least now it gives you an idea of where and what to get for your precious ones. :)


Pierre was extremely friendly and funny! He just couldn't stop making fun of me taking photos throughout the  tasting session and outlet's decoration. So how could I miss the chance for a photo with himself? :P


What a luxury afternoon.
At the end of the tasting session, we were given the chance to refill our jewellery box with any three kind of chocolates, Imma happy kids to share this with my fattybombom at home. Yeeeepeeeeee!

"Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies." - John Q. Tullius 

So, are you telling the truth?



  1. but the chocolates do look good and yummy! Dont mind trying.. although not a big fan of it!

    1. Honestly I'm not a big fan of sweets as well and I prefer the bitter chocolates, but this is definitely worth a try. :)

  2. I missed this...I can;t wait for him to return and learn about chocolates from this man. Fingers crossed that it will be soon.

    Hehehe one bottle for sharing? Sharing is caring:D

    1. Hopefully he'll return with his macaroons love this time! lol