Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend treats! - 中日韩餐厅 , Bandar Puteri Puchong

The weekly thingy - select a delightful treats after a tiring week of work. Everyone should practice this, seriously. Then you'll feel loves, heavenly loves. So many times I heard sayings about how good wagyu beef is, with all the complain and regret in me, finally the day to try it myself this time round (good stuff never come easily)!

Visit 中日韩餐厅 in Bandar Puteri Puchong one fine Sunday.

Ordered 150grams all by myself and the best pal.
RM185/100 gram.


The juicy heavenly piece, so tender and it scrumptiously melt in immediately you feed in.
No, no I'm not exaggerating.


Top that up with lotsa side orders, seriously, too much for a person who is still on her meds.




Never a salad that I ordered is so feelings, mouthful of prawns on every single bite.
RM 14 and definitely worth the price.


Last one goes to.......?


Bill came up costing more than more my food allowance for half a month but it was all worthy. :D
Plan for level up the next round to the finest quality that we can get. So sinful that I'm not sure if its right to do or not. You tell me?!?!

Now I wonder what I did to myself writing this, while what I have with me is just a pack of instant noodle but nothing else.


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