Friday, May 27, 2011

If only I could tell you how much I care.

The most significant month of the year? May it is.
Every year without a missed, the one particular Sunday, gather up the siblings, dressing up in - you know the one she always like. Hometown off we left from the city, not very far, requires just one hour of drives.

You know how the story usually goes,
kids was set away after primary, apart from you seems strange at the beginning. Time pass, kids grow and comes the gap, an invisible thing where blocks them both. So much which words can't tell.

10years. Exactly 10years by now I'm away from staying in home. Sometimes the jealousy, sometimes the envious by looking at friends, with their very harmony home sweet home every day. But never a doubt my own serves me best. Because of love and give from her.

In May,

It was her birthday. It was mother's day.


I remember the encouragement she gave me when I didn't get the desirable result dad always wanted. I remember, the love and care she gave me when I was in shit. I remember the tears on her face every time you worry about me. God knows how much I hate myself every time I see her got upset.

She never went out out of patience spending time educating us from child, she give guidance and advices when I ask, never a thing she don't know, it seems she can do most in everything, she's master in everything - never a doubt, she have all my respect.



You probably don't know this. Nothing as important as seeing the smile on her face, nothing.


To you, perhaps words can't tell how I feel deep inside. If only, I have the gut to tell you.

Mom, sorry for not being a good baby even at this age and,

I love you.

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