Friday, April 29, 2011

Puma Social - The After Hours Athlete

Finally! I got some time to do a little update for you, dearest readers.
The pain in the ass a.k.a final year project, is finally over, for now. Hopefully everything goes well and I can leave that place full of crap by the end of the year. :)

Attend Puma Social at Publika @ Solaris Dutamas last Friday.





" PUMA Social Club Tour, simply entitled “Here’s to the After-Hours Athlete”, was first rolled out in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, before making its way to Malaysia and Singapore (to be launched the same time as Malaysia). "

Social activities sometimes don't involve drinking ONLY but there are games that one play off the field with friends!


Ping pong and foosball tables in different size were placed around the club for peoples to join the competition! Gawd, trust me the miniature ones never goes easy as it seems.

Fatso louise almost crashed the table! :|



It was the first time I get my hand on foosball and thank godness, I wasn't that bad. >:D<

Love the way they decorate the place w placing Puma products all over. Gave me the urge to sneak it home with me! Spot the gorgeous piece at the entrance!

I want it! But worry it's gonna be keep aside like what i did to my Nike, never even once I wore it after a year I got it from HK. Forgot why I even waited for 3 hours just to get the damn shoes.


But YES, I'm so gonna get it in store, can n.e.v.e.r refuse the reddish seduction!

Non stop pouring for all night long for everyone in house,


But liquid bread will always be the pick whenever we get to choose! :)




It was one awesome night, meet some new friends and there goes the night!

Visit for more details or events in the future. :)


xx, louisexin

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