Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starker loves.

Living in the city, coffees and alcohols seems like a big thing for everyone, everyday.
No, I'm not a big fan of coffee, so the alternative?

Tell me you don't like the chilled feeling of having a cold beer, tell me you don't like the bittersweet of liquor, tell me you don't like the uniqueness of wine or, the champagne?

I love beer, deeply addicted.
Pints of beers once, twice, thrice or even more; in a week!
tag along the friends, close one, or even stranger, forget the beer belly underneath, who cares much when comes to fun?

Lately OverTime became my hang out spot w the gals for the awesome-blossom Starkers deal,
buy one free one before 7pm. Rm30 for 2, why not?!


From what i understand, life is too short for you to take precaution on everything worrying what is gonna happen tomorrow, thinking what are the consequences caused by different events.

I'm not saying NOT to care at all but,

sometimes, you'll just hafta got yourself released,

even just for a day. :)


Call me up and lets head over OverTime now!

Starker loves :X,


  1. Hmm...I haven't try Starker before. Invite me too next time u go drink :p

  2. Go out there & find your challenges. Conquer them, and love every second of your triumph! And as always, DRINK CRAFT BEER. i really adore u

    Henheg Genden from Mongolia

  3. simon , next time, next time. :)

    zolbin harkhuu, thank you! cheeers! :)