Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emo talk.

Constantly meet up with the familiar faces became my weekly routine, a must.
Play dress up w the girls, talk non sense w the guys, spontaneous brings you surprise.
Good or bad, you say it. It is no matters what, i had fun.

Well i truly love every meet up session, I'm afraid. They will be gone, one day.
I know bffs doesn't exist, forever love is a myth.
Lets face the truth, is not like the fairy tales we used to read.
Peoples come and go in life, even the one you says 'love' all the time. I appreciate the peoples who has came into my life, passed by. Whatsoever, you've left footprints in my diary of life.

Yet another rainy night, annoyed by the cry of insects outside.
Weather has lately being a bitch.
Playing w your mood, playing w your mind.

Received news that i refuse to accept, earlier tonight. However that's not true, so wrong.
What more i can say?

Judge me without even knowing me ?
Your big time mistake.

Rainy night,


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