Sunday, November 14, 2010

Year End 2010'

Couldn't believe is coming to the end of the year, again.
This is what we called time flies isn't it? :)


Surprisingly a huge changes compare to the previous year, my schedule is always full and time is 24/7 fully occupied.
Year is painted with numbers of gatherings, happening parties, sweetest time w family and not forgetting the assignment and project that puts bullet in my head at all time!


Seems to be in dilemma. Finishing my degree in another 7 months.
Somehow i wish the time could pass slower so that i can thoroughly enjoy every second of what I'm having at the moment. No one likes to enter the cruel society so soon am i not right? 8-|


Sometime I look into the tick-tock and secretly wish it could go faster as its possible, to get myself out of this extremely stressful life.

Look backwards, go through all the photos I've taken over the year, not much yet self-reminded how much I've gone through w friends and family. A few close friend got married, a few left me and went pursue their dream/studies somewhere far out there, everything is indeed unforgettable.

Upset for the leavings. Afterall, we laughed and cried together once.


To share a very helpful knowledge I've learn this year,

The purpose of life, is to find the purpose of life, which implies the answer to the universe and everything.
-Told by mii butterflyz-

Have you find your purpose already? :x

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