Saturday, November 20, 2010

Night talk.

I woke from a dream in the morning and there I lied on my bed, couldn't stop wonder, life is fragile.. or humans are? Lately I've realize that death approach us easily without any noticeable sign. 2 suicide cases in 5 days around, fragile we may seem? Was it because of pressures , or was it just a second of negative thoughts and brought it up to the end?

I am fragile, it takes only a second to destruct something that I've spend ages to built up. Is not about the level of understanding people's saying, not about I have no idea how things can be solve. Afterall, nothing can be undone right? So long, so much, so heavy. But no, not a way that i can run away. Avoid the truth is not my way of dealing with issues.

String breaks too when you’re pulling it too hard. Yes, easily broken. Saddening incidents happens and is that making us stronger, or weaker to fight? Sometimes as we look up at the night sky, we upset there was no sign of cherish can be seen. Disappointment, failures, hopeless, tears, broken down. People always choose to look at the darker side, why? The thoughts of giving up came across my mind are not lesser than fingers we can count, yet I'm still standing, breathing.

Endless rain on a friday night....

- to be continue

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