Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The very special 1st of May =)

To my one and only,


It was 23 years ago, the day where my butterflyz was born, as a baby caterpillar !! roflmao*
Then it was the 3days ago, it was the labor day, the day where he turned 23, the day where we celebrate.

Butterflyz my butterflyz, yes you!!

Thanks god for brought you to me, to shine up both mii and my life with your fascinating colorful wings. :)

Happy 23rd birthday !

Thank you for loving me as your only one. Sorry for letting you upset or mad and thanks for forgiving me every time.

I have so much to tell and i wish i could write it all but... I guess it would be better for you to find it all by yourself from mii! 8-|

May the sunlight kiss on your wings
And light on your everyday
To bring you luck, happiness and loves
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Lotsa lotsa loves,

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