Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Boston, Solaris on 30th April

Been frequently updating my lovely little bloggie lately, which i think is good!! YOU are now withlouise closer! :D

Coming to the end of the semester again, life is all occupied by rushing assignment deadline! :P Having a lit extra time for blogging because I've done most of my work in group assignment, while the rest are killing themselves to finish up their part. *ehem, I'm a very good student*

Can't get rid of thinking about my upcoming two months holiday, i can't help but open my mouth wide up and giggle!

Anyway this is going to be my last long holiday in college life. It's been 3 and half year of my college life and it's gonna end in one year unless i want to proceed to Master degree which i think is not necessary at the moment.

So yea, I'm definitely gonna rock this holiday up!

Austen said,
Let's party like there is no tomorrow! No sun light, no moon light in months but disco lights!

YES that would be a part of the holiday for sure but i really really need to take some time off the city and go for vacations! Talking about excitement babeeeeeeeh!

Now the question is, who is gonna fund for my vacations ?! :-S

Daddy mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-*

Need to get back to my document now, byeeeeeee!

xo loves,

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