Monday, June 24, 2013

Mermaid's singing; Sony Water-Proof Walkman NWZ-W273

Hello all!

The haze in town is causing some serious sickness to everyone so, don't forget more water intake and some basic supplements to support your healthy livings. :)
I've been introduce to a big family of water-proof gadgets recently from Sony. The phone and what not, and the top of my favorite list would be the new water-proof and wire-free Walkman!


It's like a dream knowing that we can now swim with music.
Recently attended the "Wet Party" at ALOFT hotel threw by Sony Malaysia introducing the new Walkman Sports MP3 Player, an all-in-one digital music plaer designed to conveniently and comfortably wear to gym, sports and of course, the pooooool!


Love the playful theme organized by Sony Malaysia bringing the medias to the lovely evening surrounding by mermaids. We were told about the new NWZ-W273 with it's water proof design, player withstands not just water but the sweat from intense workouts, making it perfect for everyone from the health conscious to performance sports athletes.


Eyes candy.

The new Sony MP3 Player NWZ-W273 comes with 4GB on-board memory (approximately 1000 songs) that could last up to 9 hours of audio playback on a full charge. Best for a lazy cat as me is when the battery is fully depleted, you could charge it for 3 minutes then it could provide music up to 60 minutes. Cool beans.

Mermaid now thanks Sony for their great invention too!

417827_527645913948547_877537595_n (1)
The happy Sony family. I recognize some I used to had back then! Spot yours?

Sony has always been committed to extraordinary audio performance, and the NWZ-W273 player lives up to that tradition with its crystal clear highs and deep bass.


In addition to the powerful sound typically found in Sony’s high-end headphones, the player features a new tension band for a supportive fit and comes with small, medium, and large earpieces – ideal for secure, long-term wearing comfort during running, cycling or swimming.

Bestie the music lover and I definitely want one!


The new Sony Walkman can go up to 1 meter in confine water and you can now swim more often now!

Grab one now in blue, pink, white and black in Sony Store for RM 299 only in Malaysia.
Visit any Sony store now or go or to find out more. :)


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  1. Wooaahh.. the mermaid can really swim with that costume? O.O

    I've few friends who got this in Kuching Sony Centre. I asked them how is the gadget.. they gave me one word: AWESOME !!