Monday, February 27, 2012

Kiss me, would ya?

Eyeliner could be troublesome. But use it correctly, it make your eyes pop!
Should you line it inside, or maybe out? Which should you go for, the pencil or liquid, maybe gel?

First you gotta know the difference and select your favorite type of formulas,
the liquid eyeliner, eye pencil(wax or powder based), or gel eyeliner.
You could use anything, as long as you're comfortable with it. :)

Many have asked me what do I use for eye makeup?
I basically use everything! Usually depends on occasion - the daily "off to work" or dramatic bold eye for party. I've tried quite a number of eye liners available on the market over the years. Of course I know which is good, or not.


I personally prefer gel eyeliner the most because it is the easiest ones to create bold eyeliner; perfect for both upper and lower lines. What to do, small eyes I have here.

How do you think I got this look to go party?! :D Gotta do some magic for it somehow.


So the most recent eyeliner that I have with me is gel eyeliner from Kiss Me, affordable price at RM54.90 only. And it comes with a eyeliner brush which make it a plus!



Brush with flat head allows you to draw a perfect thin/thick line accordingly.


Fat Lou gonna reveal bits from my daily makeup tricks today.
Let's start with Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder.


Absolutely lovin' it's texture which it even up the dark spot and blemish on face with a smooth finish! It's especially refreshing with it's light rose fragrance!
-- My latest must-have in the handbag :D


Wonderful, this can last me till late evening for second touch up!


Now we proceed to eyeliners.
To avoid mistake and ended up in a mess, I suggest is you start out with a thin line and let the line get a little thicker as you work your way across the lid.



Spot the difference! *roflmao*


Complete the other side and continue with lower lids.
Draw the line inside out and make it slightly thicker at the outside corner, magic as I was saying - to magnify your eyes! ;)


Finish off with a touch of blusher and lip gloss.



Taadaa! I'm good to go. :)


Hopefully this post helps you a little in terms of knowledge in eyeliner.

So, would you KISS ME now?

p/s: In case you are frustrated of eyeliners smudging off and gets oily by mid afternoon, here's a little tricks ; Use eye shadows or shimmer! Not necessary dark color but shimmer do wonders too!

xo loves,